We're here to serve the public and that's at the heart of everything we do. 

Our officers respond to hundreds of incidents across Gloucestershire every day, upholding the law and keeping people safe. The majority of these incidents are resolved safely and without any kind of conflict, but there are occasions when our officers need to use force to protect themselves and others from harm. 
The ‘use of force’ includes deploying of specialist resources such as dogs or Taser trained officers, using handcuffs or a baton to help make an arrest or even taking hold of someone’s arm to calm them.
Every time one of our officers use force we log it so that there is transparency in the way that we police the county. 
The data is used to ensure that we police the county fairly and is also used to help inform and train officers.
We publish our data so that you can see what force has been used during a particular year.