The Use of Force Scrutiny Panel is jointly chaired by a member of the Independent Advisory Group and a Senior Police representative. The panel aims to inspire transparency, increase public confidence in the police and provide learning. The panel considers individual cases to assess and scrutinise use of force and identify areas of concern and good practice.

Members of the panel includes representatives of the Independent Advisory Group, Independent Custody Visitors, and keys members of the Constabulary who have been recruited to the Panel due to their outstanding knowledge and experience of equalities and human rights issues, alongside their interpersonal skills and adeptness at scrutiny and research. 

The panel meets quarterly to review our use of force records. Random dip-samples will take place and the panel will then meet to look at the appropriateness of the use of force used.

By examining records and body worn video footage, they will provide feedback to the force, highlighting any areas of concern or good practice.

Currently we cannot accept any further members of the public onto the panel but when this changes we will update this page.