Stalking and harrassment

Our information on stalking and harassment supported our recent campaign to raise awareness.

Always report stalking and harassment as soon as possible and tell other people what's happening. You can report online here or by calling 101. In an emergency always call 999.

If you're not sure if you're being stalked contact the National Stalking Helpline or 0808 802 0300, or contact us.

Remember 'STOP'

Put a stop to stalking and harassment by remembering STOP:

S - say no

Tell the person once that you do not want further contact and then
do not respond to them any more.

T- take notes

Keep a diary of everything that happens and save evidence.

O - options

Call the confidential National Stalking Helpline freephone on
0808 802 0300 or send an email. Helpline advisors can discuss your options with you.

P - police

Stalking behaviour is against the law. You can report it to the police who
can take action. If you ever feel in immediate danger then call 999.