Get 49 times more protection against burglary by installing a ‘WIDE’ combination of security devices*


A 'WIDE' combination includes:

  • Window locks
  • Indoor lights on timer switches
  • Double door locks or deadbolts
  • External lights on a sensor

Forensic Marking Kit discounts and videos

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Burglars look for opportunities:

They want to find empty-looking homes, where they can’t be seen by neighbours and where they can get in and out quickly. Take away their opportunities by installing the ‘WIDE’ combination of security devices and by carrying out the following actions:

Is your back gate your weak spot?

2019-10-Burglary-Website---Icon---Gate.png Stop access to your back garden. It is really important. Install strong fences and gates and make sure they are kept locked. Make it difficult for burglars to climb over them by adding trellis and spiky plants. Burglars enjoy the privacy of a back garden as it allows them to spend the time they need to get into your home often by smashing patio doors.


Install CCTV or digital doorbells

2019-10-Burglary-Website---Icon---Gate.png Install external CCTV or digital doorbells. Burglars don’t want to be seen and these devices can capture evidence we can circulate amongst our officers and the public.

See guidance on installing domestic CCTV here at by clicking here.


Can your neighbours see your entrances and exits?

2019-10-Burglary-Website---Icon---Gate.png Increase the visibility of the entrances and exits of your home. Cut back and consider removing any plants, bushes and high fencing that block your neighbour’s view of your home’s access points. Burglars do not want to be seen as they may get caught.


Mark your property with forensic marking liquids

2019-10-Burglary-Website---Icon---Gate.pngUse forensic marking liquids to increase the likelihood of getting your belongings back. These liquids act like DNA evidence and can be used to link recovered property back to you. Popular brands include SelectaDNA and SmartWater.
You may be able to purchase these kits from us directly at a discount (£12.50) as well as through your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Check if valuables are on show and close doors and windows

2019-10-Burglary-Website---Icon---Gate.png Check what valuables can be seen from the outside of your home. If there are items that may look tempting to a burglar remove them from view. When you’re not using a room make sure external windows and doors are closed and locked.


Shed, garages and garden items

2019-10-Burglary-Website---Icon---Gate.png Use and upgrade locks to protect your garage/shed and consider installing alarms. Wheelie bins left out the front offer burglars help to get over your fences. Tools and heavy objects left out help them smash or force their way in. Put them away.


Forensic Marking discounts and videos:

These kits allow you to apply a clear liquid with a unique chemical signature to your property. The liquid is odourless, colourless, visible under a UV light and very difficult to remove. It's similar to DNA which means that if your property is ever stolen it can be linked back to you.

If you can't make it to one of our events you can also order these kits directly from suppliers such as SelectaDNA and SmartWater. Other suppliers are also available. The online discount codes and links are below:

SelectaDNA - £27.00 with discount code: NHWGLOU

How to use your SelectaDNA kit:

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Victim Support

Have you been a victim of burglary?

Visit Victim Support to see what help is available for you:



Have you been a witness of burglary and want to report through a partner agency?

Give information anonymously to independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or No personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not go to court.


* Tseloni, A., Thompson, R., Grove, L., Tilley, N. and Farrell, G. (2017). 49x more protection compared to no devices being installed.

** Free timer switches are available only at the listed engagement vehicle events when you sign up for the Your Community Alerts messaging service, while stocks last. If you have already signed up you can claim one free timer switch after showing an officer or staff member an e-mail you have received from the service.