As part of our approach to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, we offer access to a variety of Support Association Networks to all officers and staff employed by the Constabulary.

Below are the Support Association Networks available to you upon joining:


The staff association for police constables, sergeants and inspectors (including chief inspectors) which represents more than 130,000 rank and file officers.

Police Federation of England & Wales (

The public service union, representing full and part time staff who provide public services.

Unison's work involves representing it's members, negotiating and bargaining on their behalf, campaigning for better working conditions and pay and for public services.

UNISON - the public service union

Our Disabled Employee Network for members of our workforce who are disabled, have conditions, or cognitive processing differences.

Providing encouragement and support as well as being a national voice for Christians in policing.

Christian Police Association (

Our network for people from any background, focusing on Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage.

Our network for the LGBT+ community and those with LGBT+ co-workers, friends and family.

Our Women's Initiative Network.

Plus an ever growing range of smaller sub networks dedicated to tackling specific issues and supporting certain groups including those dealing with dementia, the menopause, autism and many more.