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Police staff work in a variety of essential roles in the Constabulary, providing valuable support to operational colleagues. These include Finance, HR, Transport Services, information communication technology, Force Control Room, Legal Services and Criminal Justice.

All police staff vacancies are advertised on this page. Each position has a role profile detailing the minimum criteria required in order to perform the role, together with the main responsibilities of the position.

Applicants are required to provide evidence in support of all minimum criteria, as detailed on the respective role profile in order to progress to the next stage of the recruitment and selection process. Subsequent selection processes will follow. This evidence should be provided at the end of the application in the section entitled; knowledge, skills and experience.

You are asked to consider how closely your knowledge, skills and experience match the requirements of the role profile. As this is an essential part of the application process, it is in your own best interests to complete the application form in full to convey to the panel your suitability for the post.

Vetting Privacy Notice – This privacy notice applies to vetting checks undertaken by Gloucestershire Constabulary. It explains how we intend to collect, store and handle your personal data and that of third parties in the course of conducting police vetting checks.

How to submit your application

The Constabulary has now migrated to an online E-recruit process. Applications are to be completed through our new E-recruit portal, which can be found by clicking the link below:

Gloucestershire Constabulary Vacancies

Residency criteria

The need for the residency rule arises from the requirement to vet all applicants in an equitable manner. This is because the UK police service does not currently have any means of facilitating vetting enquiries overseas to the extent required for those who are resident in the UK.

The purpose of the residency criteria is to ensure that applicants have a checkable history in the UK, so that meaningful vetting enquiries can be undertaken. The criteria provide reassurance when considering the health and safety of police personnel and the public. Effective vetting cannot be conducted if there is no way to assess the honesty, integrity, reliability and overall suitability for clearance of appointees against the information available.

The residency requirements refer to the period immediately before an application is made, and not any other three-, five-, or ten-year period, or any other accumulation of time spent in the UK.

Application of the residency criteria

If an individual resides permanently in the UK, they are considered to be a UK resident.

An individual who has moved overseas and severed major ties to the UK (e.g., closed bank accounts and sold property) is considered to have surrendered their residency in the UK. This would also apply to people who maintain bank accounts purely for the purpose of receiving regular payments, e.g., a UK pension.

An individual is considered to be on an extended holiday if they have:

• spent a significant period of time overseas without returning to the UK, but intend to return in the future
• taken a gap year before or following university
• travelled for a year
• spent time overseas visiting family.

This is not an exhaustive list.

Individuals who meet the above criteria maintain their UK residency and may therefore be considered for vetting clearance.

Serving with the HMG or armed forces

An individual who has been posted overseas as part of their service with HMG or the armed forces is considered to have been resident in the UK for the period that they were abroad.

Where an individual has been overseas as the spouse, partner or dependent of a member of the armed forces posted overseas, they can be considered to have been resident in the UK if their place of residence was within the confines of the establishment, e.g., a military base. If they were residing outside this, they are considered to have been resident overseas.

For the purposes of force vetting, the following residency requirements apply:

• recruitment vetting (RV) – three years
• management vetting (MV) – five years
• non-police personnel vetting (NPPV) – three years

Current vacancies

Please find the current police staff vacancies below.

3958 CJD Continuous Improvement Coordinator

Role Type: Police Staff

Local Policing/Business Area: Criminal Justice Department

Department: CJ SMT

Location: HQ Waterwells

Grade: SC6

Salary: £26,865 - £28,725

Hours per week: 37

Type of Contract: 12 month Fixed Term Contract

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3995 ICT Network Service Manager L5

Role Type: Police Staff

Local Policing/Business Area: ICT

Department: Technical Services

Location: HQ Waterwells

Grade: PO3

Salary: £43,860, plus 13 Market Force Factors to £58,513

Hours per week: 37

Type of Contract: Permanent

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3963 Customer Contact Advisor

Role Type: Police Staff

Local Policing/Business Area: Incident Management Dept

Department:  Front of House

Location: Gloucestershire

Grade: Scale 4

Salary:£21,135 - £23,406 (+ shift allowance of 5.57%)

Hours per Week: 37

Type of Contract: Permanent

Interview Date:  TBC

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3985 ICT Network Telephony Engineer

Role Type: Police Staff

Local Policing/Business Area: ICT

Department: Networking

Location: HQ Waterwells

Grade: SO2

Salary: £32,673- £34,578 *Note this is uplifted by 14 Market Force Factors up to £49,182 which are reviewed on an annual basis.

Hours per week: 37

Type of Contract: Permanent

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