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I was born in Jamaica and moved to the UK in 1984. I’m married with four girls and a grandmother of three. I have a diploma HE in Informal and Community Education and a degree in Social Studies. I’ve worked in a number of organisations over the years across volunteer, private and public sectors. I now have over 30 years’ experience in community development and youth work.

I truly believe that all people should be treated fairly and I channel this passion towards young people and community development. I now lead a team within the Constabulary in my role as the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Manager as well as support all of our staff associations.


My focus has always been around people. I’ve spent time studying social sciences and working in market research roles. Since I moved to the UK in 2007 I’ve spent much of my time in the hospitality industry working in various operational and managerial roles. During that time I’ve had the honour of working and meeting some amazing people from many different backgrounds, cultures and life experiences. This has led me to develop an interest in training, leadership, development and recruitment.

I’m very passionate about diversity, equality and inclusion, as well as empowering women in workplace and female leadership. I’m convinced that my experience, skills and knowledge will allow me to support the Constabulary in its commitment to its People First Approach –putting people at the heart of the way in which we lead and develop our people to deliver outstanding service to the public of Gloucestershire.


I have always had an interest in matters relating to social justice and the legal system, which inspired me to study law at university.

Throughout my time at university, I worked as part of a committee aimed at closing the attainment gap between Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students and their white counterparts. This initiative helped secure internships and further work experience opportunities for ethnically diverse students who are underrepresented in fields such as policing.

As a Positive Action Officer, I strive to build on this work and I am strongly motivated about implementing practical change, equality and effective levels of trust and cooperation between the police and local communities.

I have been a serving police officer since 1996 and transferred to the Constabulary in 2002 having started my early career in the Metropolitan Police, London. I have worked in a variety of roles throughout my time in policing and joined the Better Together team at the start of January 2021.

I have always sought to move the diversity, equality and inclusion agenda forward during my time in service. So this role was an ideal opportunity for me to become part of the change that is needed if we are to genuinely connect with all of our diverse communities.

The varied nature of the role is what makes it both challenging and rewarding and I see it as a unique opportunity to make a difference. It is incredibly important that the Constabulary is more reflective of the county; not because it sounds like a popular thing to do or ticks a number of boxes but because I fundamentally believe it is the right thing to do, helping to improve services to all our communities and kick-start an era of lasting change.