Our intent

A Constabulary that inspires trust, confidence and pride because we:

  • serve the public and place them at the heart of everything we do
  • make decisions based on our values, principles and doing the right thing
  • have capable, motivated and professional people working for us
  • are financially sound, sustainable and resilient, with the right technology, estate and equipment.

Our values and principles

In doing this, we will:

  • act with honesty, integrity and humanity
  • listen, learn and improve
  • be responsive
  • take responsibility for what we do and how we do it
  • thrive through changes, challenges, collaborations and opportunities
  • be creative, innovative and adaptable
  • work together and achieve as one team
  • promote and value leadership at all levels.

Code of ethics

As part of its role as the professional body for policing in England and Wales, the College of Policing has issued the first ever Code of Ethics for police officers and police staff.

The Code is a framework that helps police officers, staff and volunteers make complex split-second judgements, often in highly challenging situations, consistently and ethically, every day.

The vast majority of those working in policing are already working to these standards; the Code simply defines the expectations more clearly and brings policing into line with other professions that have such codes (such as medicine and the law).

The police service is proud to have a Code of Ethics as a visible sign of its professionalism and commitment to 'doing the right thing'.

What the Code of Ethics offers the public

The Code makes clear the standards of behaviour that you can expect from everyone working in policing – including police officers and police staff.

All who work in policing have to make difficult decisions every day – the code will support them in making good, ethical judgements.

Read the Code of Ethics on the College of Policing website.