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Whilst the police cannot get a search warrant or make an arrest based solely on anonymous information, the research they do on the vital information from Crimestoppers means they can use it with confidence.

Information passed through Crimestoppers can often be the last vital piece of the jigsaw that points the police in the right direction.

Never assume that somebody else will have passed on the information that you may have.

Crimestoppers works

On average, Gloucestershire Crimestoppers’ receive 115 pieces of useful information every month.

Since Crimestoppers was established in Gloucestershire in 1995 property totalling over £550,000 and drugs totalling nearly £400,000 has been recovered as a result of information passed to us. Over 1,200 criminals have been arrested and charged as a result of over 15,000 pieces of information in Gloucestershire alone.


Whilst we cannot share specifics about information we receive because of the need to protect anonymity, we can share general descriptions of results of real pieces of information passed via Crimestoppers.

  1. Information was received on drug trafficking from 2 addresses in Gloucester. After a warrant was obtained to search the premises, one person was arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine and one was given a caution for the possession of cannabis.
  2. Information came in on a family that had just moved into a road in Cheltenham and started to commit crime. A Section 8 Warrant was obtained to search the address, and drugs and stolen goods were found. One person was arrested and charged for the possession of and supply of cannabis, and handling stolen goods. Some jewellery was recovered.
  3. Within 10 days of receiving intelligence from a Crimestoppers caller, police had visited an address near Stroud and arrested and charged an individual for the cultivation of cannabis plants. A number of plants and all the hydroponic equipment were seized.
  4. A caller gave information about cannabis plants that he/she could see through a window growing in a house in Gloucester. Claiming the drugs were for personal use, the occupant was arrested and cautioned for the production of cannabis.

A caller rang with information on two males (repeated offenders) that were committing burglaries in houses, cars, garages and garden sheds. They were arrested and charged with theft and 35 crimes were solved.

Drink Driving

A call came in to Crimestoppers about a persistent drink driver. Within 49 minutes the driver had been arrested and charged with drink driving.


Reports were received naming an individual for attempted murder. The offender was arrested and charged, and bail was refused.

Deception & Theft

Information came in on the handling of stolen goods. The offender was charged with theft from a motor vehicle, and possession of drugs and 7 other crimes were detected as a result.

Information was received giving details of the people responsible for deception and attempted theft from a Government Building. CCTV footage was also examined to confirm the identification. One person was arrested and charged with the offence, and the other was arrested for attempted theft and a separate offence after a search warrant was issued. Weapons were also found at the address.

Page last updated: 11 January 2018