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Planned actions list

This is our list of anti-burglary actions you can take to improve the security of your home and your memories with a bit of planning.

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If you'd like to see our quick actions list instead (quick tips that you can do right away) or our impact reduction list then use the links on the right or below.

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Planned actions list

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Put up some security lighting

Burglars don’t like being in the spotlight. Adding something as simple as motion-sensitive lighting to your property (both to the front and back) could be enough to fend off a potential burglary attempt.

Buy and use a good quality alarm system

Research we conducted last year showed that at least three quarters of us here in Gloucestershire don’t use a burglar alarm. 

Some people put up fake alarms but career burglars know the difference. Protect your home and memories by buying a good quality alarm from a company with a good reputation. 

We know some people worry about having pets with alarm systems, but there are pet friendly systems available as well as door and window only systems.

Lay down some gravel

Gravel is noisy and can alert you to unwanted attention around your property.

Add trellis above your side gate

Trellis makes life for a burglar difficult because it makes it harder to climb over a fence. It’s not very strong so someone climbing over is at risk of falling and injuring themselves.

Store your high value items in a properly secured and installed safe

If someone does get into your property you can prevent them from taking anything of considerable value by storing your valuables in a good quality safe that’s been properly installed and isn’t easy to remove.

Some banks and private companies still offer safety deposit boxes. You might feel better reassured by removing valuable items from your home.

Install good quality CCTV

Burglars don’t want to be caught. CCTV is a great way to put off potential burglars. A device with night-vision capability would be excellent and becomes a winning combination when you add security lighting too.

Trim your hedges, greenery and bushes

Make sure your home has good natural surveillance from nearby neighbours and the road by keeping hedges, greenery and bushes trimmed and cut back.

Burglars don’t like an audience.

Going away? Think mail, deliveries, lights and curtains.

If you’re going on holiday you don’t want your home to advertise that you’re away.

You want to avoid having anything sticking out of your letterbox or visible letters on the floor if you have a glass door.

Royal Mail offers a paid ‘Keepsafe’ service which collects any mail sent to your address for up to 2 months. When you come home you can collect your mail from a nearby hub.

Alternatively you could ask a trusted friend, relative or neighbour to look after your property while you're away.

Replace your door lock and/or external door

If you haven’t changed your locks since you moved in, are not sure who has keys for your house or have a one cylinder door lock, then, perhaps you should consider replacing the external door locks with a double cylinder deadbolt lock for added security.

You could also opt for a split spindle door lock which requires a key to be used every time someone wishes to enter your home from the outside.

Defensive planting

It might seem like a strange one but you can use some of nature’s own to help protect yourself from being burgled.

We have a PDF leaflet which you can view by clicking this link:

These are some of the planned things you can do to protect your home and your memories.

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Do you want to see some of our quick actions that you can do almost immediately? Click on our quick action list below for even more tips. Or, how about taking a look at our impact reduction list?

Quick actions list

Impact reduction list

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Page last updated: 23 October 2017