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The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme which encourages family, friends and carers to put together useful information which can then be used if a person with dementia goes missing.

What is it for?

The Herbert Protocol is a form which is kept at home, or in a safe place, with important information about a vulnerable person. Should they go missing, information is easily on hand about their routines, medical requirements and favourite places can easily be handed over to the police without the worry of collecting it together during a stressful time.

When should I complete the form?

The form can be completed at your leisure with no time pressure or urgency. However, the sooner it is completed, the better.

How much detail is needed?

A general overview is good, however, the more detail the better as it can help the Police in our investigations. Please ensure that if you write the information by hand that it is clear and easy to read.

Where should I keep the form?

Keep the completed form somewhere safe, memorable and most importantly, somewhere everyone knows.

For example:

In the back of a letter rack

Pinned to a notice board

By a key rack 

Stuck to the fridge


What should I do when my relative/friend is missing?

When a family member or friend goes missing, it is an extremely worrying time. Reporting the absence at the earliest opportunity will help to trace that person as soon as possible.

What do I do if someone I know has gone missing



  • Herbert Protocol Form - If filling in the form electronically, please save to your computer before completing.
Page last updated: 10 August 2018