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Being properly prepared for attending any large-scale event will help to safeguard both your belongings and your well-being. Have a look at the advice below to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime and ensure you look after your health.

Keep yourself and your belongings safe. Do:

  • be aware of your surroundings – remember that you are safer in a group
  • look after your belongings – make sure you keep your mobile, MP3 player and wallet/purse safe and out of sight
  • avoid the chance of having your mobile snatched – use your phone in well-lit areas, keep it safe and take a 'power bar' to ensure it can be charged up
  • make use of cloakrooms if provided by the event to avoid having valuables in tents
  • Conceal any valuable items being stored in your car
  • Make sure your next-of-kin know where you are 

For more advice, see below:

Lost and stolen property

Most events have an area or tent set aside to deal with issues of lost and found items. Please also check this out before reporting any missing property to the police.

Drugs and weapons

Drug use will not be tolerated and police will take action if necessary. Don't bring drugs or weapons onto the site - 'sniffer' dogs may be used and searches will take place. Anyone found with drugs will be dealt with by police.

Beware of accepting controlled drugs if they are offered. If you are planning to use controlled drugs ensure you manage your dosage. Tell your friends if you are taking any controlled drugs and look after any of your group who have taken controlled drugs/alcohol.

If you feel unwell or unusual, then seek immediate help from the onsite medical aid area should your festival have one. If not call 999.


Festivals and large events selling alcohol operate the Challenge 21 scheme, which means you can expect to be asked for photographic proof of age if you look under 21 before you can buy.

It's advisable to drink in moderation to ensure you remain alert and aware of your surroundings.

Don’t drink or use drugs and drive - you will be prosecuted if caught. Make sure you have a designated driver arranged before the event who will stick to soft drinks.

Remember to drink plenty of water - especially if the weather is hot.

Local Community

Please be respectful towards neighbouring properties as you enter and leave the site. Action will be taken against anyone causing disruption to the local community.

Remember to follow traffic signs to the event – this will help to free up other roads in the area for residents.

Only park in the designated car park. Any vehicles left unattended within tow-away zones will be removed.

Report a crime

To report crime in progress, dial 999.

To report an historical crime during the event, please visit the on-site police station if there is one at your festival or you can also contact the local police on 101 

Page last updated: 11 January 2018