The Constabulary and Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner have been looking at how the public and police communicate with each other.

We understand that there have been times when the public don't feel they're getting the service they deserve. Our staff do everything they can to respond compassionately to the hundreds of thousands of calls received each year but keeping on top of demand means they haven’t always able to deliver the service they strive for.

That’s why in 2020 an extra £1m of new investment was announced by Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl, as part of his Police and Crime Plan’s ‘Every Crime Matters’ principle and ‘Accessibility and Accountability’ priority.

Throughout 2020 the Constabulary will be using the money to make changes to enhance and improve its communications with the public. This will involve developing and implementing changes to its processes and service offering to increase accessibility, improve its customer service and ensure that it is accountable to the people of Gloucestershire.

Although our mission is to keep people safe from harm, some people will sadly still fall victim to criminality. When this happens we must ensure that they are able to contact us online, in person and on the phone, have their contact answered in a reasonable time and be provided with professional customer service and contact from start to finish. 

We’ll also be using a range of channels to explain all the ways the public can contact us – helping people understand how they can access the best and most convenient service for them.

This has already started with a new website which offers the public the chance to report collisions and crime online, along with other services that can now be done digitally.

It is important for the public to know these new channels exist and other ways they can get in touch, meaning they should get a better service.