The Gloucestershire Independent Advisory Group (IAG) has been supporting and developing the Constabulary in its policing approach since 2004.

IAGs provide the valuable role of critical friend to the police, not as an independent group but as a forum where independent advisors can give independent advice on the development and review of policy, procedure and practices identified by the police in partnership with the IAG’

The current advisers on the IAG come from a wide variety of backgrounds not just in terms of different communities or cultures but also in respect of experience, ages and occupations.

The Constabulary values the time, effort the IAG offers brings to share and celebrate this more widely with our staff and communities. We want to share and celebrate more widely with our staff and communities the work they are involved in, we want to try and keep you updated and aware that the members are here to help us and it is our responsibility to use them when we need advice, guidance or an independent eye.

Aims and objectives

These are:

  • to demonstrate a working partnership and transparent approach between Gloucestershire Constabulary and residents of Gloucestershire’s wider communities
  • to provide constructive advice to Gloucestershire Constabulary on ways to improve service delivery to all communities
  • to look at organisational policies, practices and procedures and advise on how they can be improved to minimise any potential negative impact on different communities
  • advising in critical and major incidents and policing
  • to provide advice and guidance to Gloucestershire Constabulary on its development and introduction of new ways of working
  • to work at the gold and strategic level and where appropriate to support other levels of policing.