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Operation Tarak

In 2017 Gloucestershire Constabulary ran a anti-drugs operation – Op Tarak - to target County Lines gangs (previously called Dangerous Drugs Networks) operating within the county.

We are targeting sophisticated, organised drugs networks that are moving into Gloucestershire and being run from large cities such as London or Birmingham. They want to establish an operational base and presence in the county and disrupt existing drug supply chains. Their tactics are usually aggressive and often violent.

These people deliberately exploit vulnerable people in the area by supplying them, often free, with class A drugs and encouraging teenagers to become drug runners for the network. They will even take over the homes of these vulnerable people to sell drugs from and refuse to leave when asked (called cuckooing).

Please help us to tackle these County Line gangs by providing us with any information that you may have here. You can remain anonymous by choosing not to be contacted.

How do these networks work?

Drug networks operating from large cities are moving into the county.  Members of these networks travel in and out of the county to deliver drugs and collect cash. 

They often recruit local runners and drug dealers using their local knowledge to build up further contacts and users.  These drug networks are then continually ‘marketed’ through a variety of methods from word of mouth to crudely written phone numbers on scraps of paper. 

County Line gangs exploit the most vulnerable people in society, often targeting those with mental health issues, existing drug addicts, vulnerable teenagers and single mothers. 

What are we doing about it?

We want to halt the growth of County Line gangs, also referred to as Dangerous Drugs Networks, whose presence increases the level of extreme violence we see in the county.  We are working hard with colleagues and partner agencies, both within Gloucestershire and the wider South West, as well as the National Crime Agency (NCA). 

Partner agencies include mental health providers, substance misuse and rehabilitation centres, housing associations and schools to educate our county residents on the realities of County Line gangs.

Help and advice:

Help and support for victims of drug gangs

Gloucestershire's Victim Support

Help and support for witnesses



Help and support for drug users

Talk to Frank

Report someone dealing Class A drugs:

If you want to report drug dealing that is not related to Class A drugs networks, such as cannabis supply, please click here or call 101.

Use this form to provide us with intelligence on Class A drugs-gangs.
This form allows you to report Class A drug-gangs and any information or suspicions you have on them. If you want to give us information on drugs that is not related to networked drugs-gangs, such as cannabis dealers, please contact 101 or click here.
All information submitted through this form will be used to build intelligence. We cannot always act immediately due to ongoing operations and evidence gathering but we will take action when appropriate.
Thank you for supporting Gloucestershire Constabulary with our fight against crime.
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Page last updated: 18 April 2018