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Wednesday 24 June 2015, 1:18 PM

Gloucestershire Police are warning people to be on their guard when drawing money out of cash machines after another case of deception tactics being used to steal a bank card.

At about 11.00am on Friday 5 June, a customer using an ATM (automated teller machine) at Barclays bank in Cheltenham High Street had £240 fraudulently drawn from his account after thieves switched his card for another.

The scam involves an offender approaching an ATM-user in the act of drawing cash and alerting him/her to a £10 or £20 note which will be on the floor behind them.
A co-offender - who will have monitored the victim's PIN number being punched into the keypad - swiftly removes the card and swaps it for a different one while the victim is distracted.

The offenders then leave the scene allowing them to withdraw large sums of money from the victim’s account.

Organised crime

Police are investigating a series of similar thefts in other areas of the county, including two reported earlier in March and May at Barclays bank in Southgate Street, Gloucester.

Det Cons Andy Houghton said: “This is an organised crime committed by individuals who have no remorse for the often vulnerable persons they target.

"This is a cross-border investigation which will utilise the assistance of other police forces in the country.
"We ask that when using any cash machine, whether inside a banking institution or on the street, that all care is made to ensure that your PIN number is hidden from other people who may be trying to view it.

"Be aware of any persons loitering near to you and ensure that any suspicious activity is reported to the police.

"We ask that if any person recognises the circumstances of a dropped note at a cash point or if you have had your bank card stolen in the same circumstances, then please contact Gloucestershire police on 101."

Anyone with information about the Cheltenham card theft is also asked to call 101, quoting incident 191 of 5 June 2015.

General advice when using a cash machine can be found on our website:

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