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Friday 26 May 2017, 3:28 PM

Some good news today from Stroud Inspector Brian Clifford who has told us about a  touching visit from a local resident.  He said:

“We are very grateful to a member of the public who visited Stroud Police station today to deliver a cheque for £100 for the Police Benevolent Fund.   He was impressed with the work that PC Ian Tucker and PC Graham Smith have done this week in recovering his stolen wallet and wanted to express his thanks.  PC Smith is a probationary officer being tutored by PC Tucker

The gentleman’s wallet had been stolen and the debit card was being used in and around Stroud. The victim realised the loss and reported the card stolen which led to the offender being arrested. The wallet itself had been dumped and officers managed to recover it and return it to the victim.  The most important thing to the victim was that the wallet contained precious photos of his late wife which had great sentimental value.

The victim made a special journey to Stroud Police Station today to speak to a supervisor and let the officers know how much he appreciated their efforts. He said, “I know how busy you all are currently and with things like Manchester a wallet isn’t really important but I am so grateful to have it back. People like to knock the police but I think you all do a great job and I wanted to let you know.” The victim was genuinely moved as he said thank you.”

Inspector Clifford congratulated his officers saying, “Graham and Ian, your actions have had a tremendously positive impact on this gentleman and are a credit to you both. Thank you.“