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What are the costs involved in firearms licencing?
Activity Fee (£)
Grant of Firearm Certificate  88.00
Grant of Shotgun Certificate 79.50
Renewal of Firearm Certificate 62.00
Renewal of Shotgun Certificate 49.00
Registered Firearms Dealers - Grant or Renewal 200.00
Replacement of lost or stolen Shotgun Certificate 4.00
Replacement of lost or stolen Firearm Certificate 4.00
Visitor Permit 20.00
Visitor Permits (group of six - twenty) 100.00
Registered Firearms Dealer Grant for Game Fair etc. 13.00
Variation of Firearm Certificate 20.00
Grant of Coterminous (both) certificates  90.00
Renewal of Coterminous (both) certificates 65.00

We do not currently accept cash or cards. Please make cheques or postal order out to:

The PCC for Gloucestershire

Renewal applications that have been received after the expiry date will be subject and charged at the full grant fee.

Is there anything which would stop me from getting a firearm/shotgun certificate?

Your firearm/shot gun certificate could be at risk if you are involved in any criminal activity which tends to suggest you are or may be a danger to the public safety or the peace.  Such activity may include offences such as:

·         Domestic violence

·         Ongoing domestic issues

·         Drunk and disorderly

·         Breach of the peace

·         Actual bodily harm

·         Grievous bodily harm

·         All assaults

·         Any violent incident

·         Any incident involving firearms, shotguns, lethal weapons (knives, etc.)

·         Drink/ drive, fail to provide specimen and other driving offences

·         Obstruction of police

·         Indecent assualt, exposure

·         Rape, attempt rape

·         Drugs related offences

·         Criminal damage

·         Public order offences

·         Ongoing neighbour issues/incidents

·         Anti-social behaviour

·         Racial incidents

·         Harassment

·         Any breach of the firearms acts

Even if police take no further action or you are found not guilty of an offence your certificate could still be at risk.   

What age can I have my certificate(s)?

Under 14 years of age you CAN hold a shotgun certificate.  You CAN NOT hold a Firearm certificate, purchase or hire a shotgun or ammunition, receive a gift of a shotgun

Under 15 years of age you CAN hold a firearm and shotgun certificate, received a shotgun or section 1 firearm as a GIFT.  You CAN NOT purchase of hire shotguns, firearms or any ammunition.  You CAN NOT have an assembled shotgun unless you are under the supervision of a person aged 21 or over. You CAN NOT have a uncovered/unsecure shotgun in your possession.

Under 18 years of age you CAN hold a firearm and shotgun certificate, received a shotgun or section 1 firearm as a GIFT.  You CAN have a covered and secured shotgun in you possession. You CAN NOT purchase or hire shotguns, firearms or any ammunition.  

Where do I send my application?

Completed applications can be sent to:


Cheques must be made payable to The PCC for Gloucestershire and posted to: 

Gloucestershire Constabulary

No. 1 Waterwells,

Waterwells Drive,





The Scottish Government is introducing a new licensing system for most air weapons in Scotland.

From 31 December 2016, you will generally need a visitor permit to use, possess, purchase or acquire air weapons while in Scotland.  This includes buying an air weapon, someone giving one to you, or simply having an air weapon in your possession.  If you already hold a valid firearm and/or shotgun licence issued in England or Wales before 31 December, and you are not planning on buying a gun while in Scotland,  you may not need a permit until your existing certificate expires or is renewed.

Applications for visitor permits (or full air weapon certificates) should be made to Police Scotland who will decide your application and deal with any questions you have about the process.  You can download the appropriate application form from or  When complete, it should be sent to Police Scotland at:


Air Weapons Team

Police Scotland

Clyde Gateway

2 French Street



G40 4EH 


You can also get further information on air weapon licensing, including information on exemptions from the need to hold a certificate, at  

Page last updated: 11 January 2018