Neighbourhood Roadwatch Gloucestershire (NRG) is a local initiative co-ordinated by us but managed and run by volunteers in the community. It lets local people take an active role in road safety and make their community safer.   

Volunteers use radar equipment from their local neighbourhood policing team to check vehicle speeds. They also look for and report other road safety issues such drivers using mobile phones when driving, not wearing seat belts and antisocial driving.  

Roadwatch aims to:

  • encourage motorists to drive at a safe and appropriate speed
  • reduce speed in areas of concern
  • re-educate drivers about the dangers of speeding
  • encourage motorists to comply with all traffic laws and regulations

The scheme also provides data which is useful in helping us to identify areas we need to focus on.

How to join

Contact your local neighbourhood police team or email [email protected]

Local teams give training and support to schemes in their area.