Areas with high numbers of coronavirus cases may be subject to local lockdowns with increased restrictions.

More information on areas with local lockdowns


A maximum of six people from two households are able to meet at any one time. Children under 12 will not be counted in the six.

Please keep two metres apart from anyone you meet from outside your household, and don’t share food or utensils.

Exceptions include funerals or people working together who cannot work from home.


Markets and shops including shops in shopping centres are allowed to open.

Places like cafes, restaurants and pubs are allowed to open.

More information on business closures

Face coverings

People aged 5 and over must wear a face covering on public transport and in shops.

Exceptions include:

  • physical or mental illness, impairment or disability which prevents you wearing a face covering
  • taking medicine, eating and drinking when necessary
  • lip reading
  • if you are asked to remove your face covering by someone in authority

Reporting a social distancing violation

Before you report a social distancing violation in Scotland please read Police Scotland’s coronavirus information.