Rural Watch

Gloucestershire Constabulary work in partnership with rural and farming communities.

The Rural Watch scheme, together with initiatives using Smartwater and Datatag, have helped to deter criminals as they know these schemes increase the chances of them being caught. However, while Gloucestershire is one of the safest counties to live work and visit, that doesn't mean we have no crime, as some farms and businesses could testify. We all need to remain vigilant and be prepared to report suspicious activity immediately, if we are to keep crime low. We can only achieve this by working together with you.

To support the Rural Watch Initiative, Gloucestershire Constabulary has helped to develop a computerised communication system that we call 'Watch Word'. The purpose of this investment is to improve the means and ease by which 'Watch' Co-ordinators receive warning messages from the Constabulary using their chosen conduit of 'phone, fax or e-mail.

If you are interested in joining Rural Watch you can contact us by e-mailing

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