Mobile Police Stations

Mobile Police Station, PCSO P Bowman

The Constabulary is proud of its three Mobile Police Stations that cover the Forest of Dean, North and East Gloucestershire areas. Officers providing the mobile service will visit villages on a prearranged schedule.
The service will allow residents to raise local issues whilst providing additional services such as crime reduction advice, Neighbourhood and Rural Watch news as well as a property marking service. Other uses for the Mobile Police Stations are being identified and the officers would welcome any suggestions that community members would like to make.
The Mobile Police Stations will continue to provide an opportunity for less mobile residents to meet an officer, discuss concerns and pass on and receive information of interest. This enhanced contact with the community will continue to provide reassurance and assist in the reduction of the fear of crime.

Mobile Police Station - PCSO Paul Bowman

Please see the attached schedules below to find out when the  Mobile Police Station will next be in your area.

The Constabulary’s Local Policing Teams also publish Mobile Police Station schedules on the Community pages of this website, please visit the local policing page to identify your Community page and local officers.


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