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There's loads of really cool stuff on the net, and surfing can be great fun, but there is also some bad stuff too. To stay safe on the net all you have to do is... think!

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't' in think

alk to your parents so that you can agree rules for going online. Decide the times of day and length of time you can be online. Make sure you know which areas you are allowed to visit. Keep to the rules!

'h' in think

oaxers are everywhere! Remember, not everyone tells the truth. Some people may tell lies about who they are.

'i' in think

f you feel uncomfortable with any website or message, leave right away and tell your parent or carer as soon as you can. Don't answer any message that makes you feel uncomfortable. Remember, it's not your fault if you get a message like that.

'n' in think

ever agree to meet anyone you have met online without checking with your parent or carer first. If they agree, make sure your meeting is in a public place and always take an adult along with you.

'k' in think

eep your personal details secret. Never tell anyone online your full name, address, phone number or passwords.

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