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Playing with friends is fun, but it's no fun if you get hurt ! follow the 'Play safe' rules to make sure you have a good time.

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'p' playsafe

ick a safe place to play, fools play on roads - don't be one! Never play on building sites, empty buildings or railway lines.

'l' playsafe

et your parents or carers know where you are and when you will be home.

'a' playsafe

lways wear a helmet when you're cycling.

'y' playsafe

ell if a stranger scares you and tell your parents or carer right away.

's' playsafe

wimming in rivers or lakes can be great fun - but the water is very dangerous and you could drown.

'a' 2 playsafe

lways use the green cross code.

'f' playsafe

ire isn't fun, don't play with it

'e' playsafe

lectricity is dangerous. Don't play near sub-stations or overhead cables.

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