The Black Police Association

The Gloucestershire Black Police Association (GBPA) was formed in 1995 following a conference when a number of black staff met and agreed that a support network would be of benefit to black staff employed by the Gloucestershire Constabulary. Staff felt there were issues which needed to be addressed. These issues included the welfare of black staff and service delivery to the black communities of Gloucestershire.

'We define the term black, not denoting skin colour, but as an accepted generic term used to describe 'visible minority' people of African, African-Carribbean and Asian origin; who share the common experience to oppose the effects of racism and victimisation'.

In order to address these issues the GBPA set itself two aims and six objectives, which are as follows:

  • Improve the working environment of black staff members within Gloucestershire Constabulary.
  • Enhance the quality of service to the local minority ethnic community.


  • To provide a support network for all black police staff members.
  • To promote and enhance Equal Opportunity issues.
  • To enhance recruitment, career progression initiatives and reduce staff wastage.
  • Assisting with Community and Race Relation issues between the police and members of the black community.
  • Contribute towards initiatives and policy development which affect the black community.
  • To provide a social network.

The GBPA's primary role is a support network for police staff who are experiencing incidents of racial harassment, discrimination or any other problem in the workplace and would prefer in the first instance to discuss the issues with an appropriate fellow member.
Since its formation the GBPA has become increasingly involved with issues affecting black members of staff and the wider minority ethnic communities of Gloucestershire. By working in partnership with the Constabulary, local communities and with the support and understanding of all our colleagues, the GBPA can assist the Constabulary in gaining the trust and confidence of the black community of Gloucestershire.
The GBPA currently provides input on internal courses such as Community Race Relations training (compulsory to all police officers and support staff), Tutor Constables courses, Probationer courses and works with the recruiting department regarding new initiatives.
The GBPA is also involved in external groups and committees such as the Racial Incident Network Group (RING) and the Equal Opportunities Advisory Group (EOAG).
"The BPA has made great efforts to address issues of equality, both in the police service and in community service delivery. We are working to improve the image of the police service and towards making it an attractive, viable career option for the black population of Gloucestershire."

Membership Requirements

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