Christian Police Association (Gloucestershire)

Gloucestershire Constabulary is a branch member of the national Christian Police Association (CPA). 

We also have a dedicated Gloucestershire branch- open to all Police Staff and Officers. 


Everyone is welcome, regardless of his or her faith (or absence of faith), to be part of our network.

Our purpose in Gloucestershire is to keep people safe from harm and inspire their confidence in us, their local police.


DS Alistair Hammett is the branch leader for Gloucestershire CPA and represents the association at the Force 'TRUST' Board and other forums. You can email Alistair at: or call 101 and ask for Alistair Hammett.

Alternatively, contact Karen Ellis at: or call 101 and ask for extension Karen Ellis.


Click here to view the Gloucestershire page on the national CPA website.

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