Ability - Disability Association


This group is an internal forum, made up of staff representatives from various areas of the Constabulary  who either have or have had direct, or indirect experience of disability issues. The team works in partnership with the Constabulary to:

  • Our Aims and Objectives:

    •        To provide an advice and support network for new and existing officers and staff.

    •        To ensure that current and potential officers and staff do not suffer discrimination because of their disabilities (or their dependants’ disabilities.)

    •        To promote equality of opportunity for officers and staff with disabilities and those caring for dependants with disabilities – including provision of a working environment that recognises ability regardless of disability and makes reasonable and appropriate adjustments to our working practices and service delivery, to meet the needs of both our diverse workforce and the communities we serve.

    •        To influence and contribute to decision-making processes within the Gloucestershire Constabulary.

    •        To improve recruitment, induction, training, retention and progression of officers and staff with disabilities and those caring for dependants with disabilities.

    •        To challenge organisational practices and policies that inhibit officers and staff with disabilities from realising and achieving their full potential.

    •        To raise the profile of disability equality in Gloucestershire Constabulary and raise awareness of the issues surrounding disability within the police service.




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