Third quarter results – Gloucestershire Crimestoppers

Eighty five people were arrested and charged as a result of information passed to

Gloucestershire Crimestoppers over the nine months of the 2012/13 year. That’s a 27% increase on the previous year and means that on average 2 people are arrested and charged each week as a result of Crimestoppers information

Gloucestershire Crimestoppers provided Gloucestershire Police with 706 pieces of useful information over the three quarter year period. This figure represents a 2% increase over the same nine month period last year.

Concerned members of the public who do not wish to reveal their identity or give evidence in court, pass this information on anonymously via the charity’s 0800 555 111 number or by using the secure online form

Ceri Evans, Chairman of the Gloucestershire Committee said:

'This huge increase in the use of the 0800 555 111 number in Gloucestershire is very encouraging to all involved in Crimestoppers locally and will, undoubtedly, result in an increase in detections and a reduction in crime which will make us all feel much safer. Gloucestershire Crimestoppers urges everyone to make a note of the 0800 555 111 number and use it when they notice anything worth reporting, no matter how trivial, in the certain knowledge that they will remain anonymous'

Information received has led to all different kinds of crimes being solved.

One example being, information came in on drug dealing near to a secondary school in Cheltenham. One person was arrested and cautioned for the possession of Class B drug, cannabis, and another was cautioned for the manufacture of Class B drug cannabis.

A further success involved a positive CCTV identification from a media appeal. A caller positively identified the offender in the newspaper who was charged with 5 counts of theft and handling of stolen goods.

Forty percent of information received related to drug crime, 14% to vehicle crime including drink and disqualified driving. Information is received for a wide range of offences from robbery and fraud and forgery, to serious assault and harassment, and rape and sexual crime.


Cheri Evans, Chairman, Gloucestershire Crime stoppers 07798 742540

Darren Stevens, Vice Chairman Gloucestershire Crime stoppers

0788 904 2345

Calls and online forms 

On average, Gloucestershire Crimestoppers’ receive 80 pieces of useful information every month.

Public spirited members of the public can pass information via the anonymous 0800 555 111 hotline, or through an untraceable online form accessed through the charity’s website Information via the online form now accounts for approximately 40 per cent of that received in Gloucestershire.

The largest amount of intelligence logs received continues to be for drug related crime (52%), and vehicle related crime (15%). However, we have seen 100%+ increases in calls received on burglary, handling stolen goods, sexual offences (incl online) and immigration.

 There was also a significant increase in intelligence logs for Public Order offences and wanted persons, which can probably be attributed to the media appeals relating to the August 2011 unrest.

Gloucester and the Forest of Dean account for 45% of information logs received with 33% relating to the Cheltenham and Tewkesbury areas and 21% from Stroud and the Cotswolds.

Results arrests and detections

Forty one percent of arrests and charges were made for drug related crime, including trafficking and supply, drug manufacture and cultivation and possession. That contrasts with 26% last year.

77 detections were made as a result of Crimestoppers. That’s one detection for every six pieces of useful information we received.

The recovery of drugs and stolen property amounted to £183,294 and £33,731 thousand respectively. Since Crimestoppers was established in Gloucestershire in 1995 property totalling£524,871 and drugs totalling £376,183 has been recovered as a result of information passed to us.

Since Crimestoppers was established in Gloucestershire in July 1995, over 1,199 criminals have been arrested and charged as a result of nearly 15,000 pieces of information. .



  • Information was received on drug trafficking from 2 addresses in Gloucester. After a warrant was obtained to search the premises, one person was arrested and charged with possession of crack cocaine and one was given a caution for the possession of cannabis.
  • Information came in on a family that had just moved into a road in Cheltenham and started to commit crime. A Section 8 Warrant was obtained to search the address, and drugs and stolen goods were found. One person was arrested and charged for the possession of and supply of cannabis, and handling stolen goods. Some jewellery was recovered.
  • Within 10 days of receiving intelligence from a Crimestoppers caller, police had visited an address near Stroud and arrested and charged an individual for the cultivation of cannabis plants. A number of plants and all the hydroponic equipment were seized.
  • A caller gave information about cannabis plants that he/she could see through a window growing in a house in Gloucester. Claiming the drugs were for personal use, the occupant was arrested and cautioned for the production of cannabis.


  • A caller rang with information on two males (repeated offenders) that were committing burglaries in houses, cars, garages and garden sheds. They were arrested and charged with theft and 35 crimes were solved.

Drink Driving

  • A call came in to Crimestoppers about a persistent drink driver. Within 49 minutes the driver had been arrested and charged with drink driving.


  • Reports were received naming an individual for attempted murder. The offender was arrested and charged, and bail was refused.

Deception & Theft

  • Information came in on the handling of stolen goods. The offender was charged with theft from a motor vehicle, and possession of drugs and 7 other crimes were detected as a result.
  • Information was received giving details of the people responsible for deception and attempted theft from a Government Building. CCTV footage was also examined to confirm the identification. One person was arrested and charged with the offence, and the other was arrested for attempted theft and a separate offence after a search warrant was issued. Weapons were also found at the address.
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