Project Kraken

project kraken logo Don't just forget incidents you see that seem out of place

If you have witnessed anything that makes you suspicious while you are out on the waters of Gloucestershire, we want to hear about it. Tip offs as small as a person not wearing suitable clothes or a boat that has not got enough lighting, could help Gloucestershire Police crack down on crime.

Project Kraken is a national initiative to get more people reporting incidents they see at ports which seem out of place. In Gloucestershire, it is hoped that all the small details will build up a bigger picture which could ultimately prevent major crimes such as terrorism and human and drugs trafficking.

The project is running in association with the Marine Watch schemes so Gloucestershire Police can also use the information to crack down on crime such as engine, trailer and GPS system thefts.

Have you seen any of these things?

  • Boats with not enough or no navigational lighting
  • People landing at unusual locations
  • Boats moving late at night or early in the morning where they wouldn't normally
  • People who don't seem to know how to handle a boat
  • People who aren't dressed adequately or appropriately for being on the water
  • Rigid inflatable boats being moved at unusual times or unloaded at unusual places
  • Packages being transferred to waiting cars
  • Boats with extra fuel tanks
  • Boats with too many people on board


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