New Legislation and How It Affects You
The Terrorism Act 2000 came into force on 19th February 2001. It replaced all previous legislation concerning terrorism. This new law impacts upon general aviation and the responsibilities of pilots/owners. The requirement to seek authority to fly to and from the Common Travel Area (Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Eire) from non-designated airfields remains. However the notification period has been reduced from 24 hours to a minimum 12 hours.
Please note: Staverton Airport is the only designated airport within Gloucestershire as defined by the Terrorism Act 2000.
It is an offence under the Act to fail to comply with this requirement. We recommend as a matter of best practice that if you are flying from a non-designated airport to any destination outside mainland UK that you submit a flight notification to the Gloucestershire Police Ports Unit (this facility will be appear in this section when it is launched). This may also be the best practice to inform Gloucestershire airport if you are flying from destinations in Europe or further a field.
Police Control Notice
Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 provides that:
An examining officer may question a person whom he believes is entering or leaving Great Britain, or Northern Ireland, or is travelling by air within Great Britain, for the purpose of determining whether that person is or has been concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.
He may for the same purpose question a person on a ship or aircraft, which has arrived at any place in Great Britain or Northern Ireland (whether from within or outside Great Britain or Northern Ireland).
Any person who is questioned under this power must:

  • Give the examining officer any information in his possession which the officer requests 
  • Give the officer on request either a valid passport which includes a photograph or another document which establishes his identity 
  • Disclose whether he has with him any documents of a kind specified by the examining officer 
  • Give the examining officer on request, any document which he has with him which is specified by the officer (para 5) 

A person commits an offence if he:

  • Wilfully fails to comply with a duty imposed under or by virtue of this Schedule 
  • Wilfully contravenes a prohibition imposed under or by virtue of this Schedule, or 
  • Wilfully obstructs, or seeks to frustrate, a search or examination under or by virtue of this Schedule (para 18) 


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