Officers from the Ports unit will make visits to airfields in an effort to meet owners, pilots and operators. If you need advice, further information, or have any suggestions then please let us know. Our aim is to establish an effective working relationship with the general aviation community of Gloucestershire.


What to look for?

  • Evidence of any unauthorised activity at your airstrip/port
  • Packages being transferred from one aircraft/boat to another in an unusual manner, location or time
  • Strangers trying to hire your boat/aircraft
  • Strangers using, or seeking permission to use your airstrip.
  • Evidence of adaption of aircraft for concealment purposes
  • If you do notice anything unusual...

If you notice anything unusual:

  • DO NOT involve yourself
  • DO NOT touch any suspicious packages
  • Make a note of any registration numbers, markings or description
  • Call the Police Ports Unit / Police immediately

Your call will be treated in confidence - 0845 090 1234 

Responsibilities – The General Aviation Report (GAR)

Pilots of all aircraft entering/leaving the mainland of Great Britain to or from the Common Travel Area [CTA] must call at a designated port or give at least 12 hours notice in writing (GAR) to the police force, in whose area he/she is landing or departing from, of his/her intention to use a non-designated port.

For further details see:

General Aviation Report

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