How To Contact The Police By SMS Text


SMS - GDA logoThere are two special SMS-Text services available for contact with the police, to help ANYONE who experiences difficulty with spoken conversation:

  • Gloucestershire Police Non-Emergency SMS text – for policing services within the County
  • National 999 emergency SMS text – for EMERGENCY ONLY (Police/Fire/Ambulance/Coastguard)

You MUST register to use the service(s).  You must register separately for the services.

To register for the Gloucestershire non-emergency, please complete the application form on this page.

To register for the National Emergency-SMS service please follow the instructions on the link provided:

We recommend that you register for BOTH services, they are available 24-hours a day, every day of the year.

What is SMS text messaging?

Powered by O2 logo SMS stands for short message service. A service provided by mobile networks that allows users to send a text message to another mobile user:

  • Remember there is always a delay in sending a text message, therefore wherever possible, use another method of contacting the police where emergency service is needed.
  • This service is only available to deaf, speech impaired or specific needs customers who have registered for it. The service is not available to unregistered users.
  • To make sure you receive a quick service please include the following information in your text:
    • Exactly where is the incident happening
    • Which service required – Police/Fire/Ambulance
    • Briefly, What is the problem

What if I need the Fire or Ambulance Services?

If you send us a text message, using the dedicated number provided upon registration for the service, your call would be received within the Police Contact Centre. The Fire and Ambulance control rooms are located on the same floor in the same building. If you need their services our operator will pass the details of your call to them directly. These service providers will assess your need and respond appropriately.

How will I know if the Police have received my text?

An SMS Text receipt will be sent back to your mobile phone, confirming a message has been logged with the appropriate emergency service. This text receipt may include an incident reference number, which you should quote if you need to contact the police again, in connection with the same matter.

  • IMPORTANT: DO not assume police have received your message until you get a response.  If no response is received after 2-minutes please re-submit your request

What happens if I don't register?

The service is only available to registered users. The Police Contact Centre will not process messages from unregistered callers and persistent abuse of the facility will result in your phone being blocked.

What if I don't want to use SMS Text?

Gloucestershire Constabulary is providing this service to enhance our suite of facilities, designed to provide ease of access for all our customers. This enhancement provides choice for callers appropriate to their needs, Type-talk and Mini-com services will still be available.

If you would like to know more about the SMS service

The sms service is not restricted to those with hearing impairment, and we want to appeal to a wider range of disabled  people in the community.  The service can be very useful to someone with MS, a temporary stroke victim, someone suffering with acute anxiety issues, or someone who struggles with general 'voice' communication.  If you or someone you know could benefit from this service then more information can be obtained by writing to us at the following email address:

View our Youtube Channel here.

Registration form

To use the SMS text messaging service you must register. If you have not registered your text will not be accepted. Please complete all details requested below:

SMS Text Messaging Registration
  • Important note

    The success of this service depends on the accuracy and detail of the information passed. It is very important that you follow guidance given in this leaflet. For your safety you must always state your location. Unless you receive an SMS Text receipt you cannot assume that the police have received your message. Gloucestershire Constabulary cannot guarantee that your message will be received immediately, however we shall endeavour to make the service as effective as we can. If your message is forwarded to another emergency service, such as Fire or Ambulance, Gloucestershire Constabulary cannot be held responsible for any acts or omissions arising once your message has left the Police Control Room.

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