Internet Safety and You

OllieThere's loads of really cool stuff on the net, and surfing can be great fun, but there is also some bad stuff too.

Follow the SMART rules.

S - Safe (keep your personal information safe by not giving it out to strangers).

M - Meeting (don't meet up with people you've made friends with through the internet or your mobile phone. If you really want to, take your parent or carer, never go alone).

A - Accept (never accept e-mails from people you don't know. Don't open any attachments as they may contain viruses).

R - Reliable (People may use a made up character, so ask yourself: 'is this person reliable' and 'can I trust them?')

T - Tell (Tell your parent or carer if you feel uncomfortable about anything you see or read on the internet).

Stranger Danger

Never... go with a stranger
Never... take things from a stranger
Never... get in a car with a stranger
Never... go off on your own.
Always play with other children

It's safer and more fun to be with friends - but make sure you tell your parents or carer where you are.

If someone scares you, or tries to touch you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable...

YELL - tell them 'No' or 'Stop'
RUN - get home as quick as you can. If you can't get home, go somewhere you know will be safe, like your school or a police station
TELL - tell your parent or carer or someone you can trust right away

How loud can you....YELL?!
make sure anyone who scares you finds out!

Remember: you can't tell a good guy from a bad guy just by looking at them. If a stranger frightens you go home and tell your parents or carer right away.

If you can't go home, tell someone you can trust, like:

  • a police officer in uniform
  • your teacher
  • a grown up you know well

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