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Nominations required for the Gloucestershire Constabulary and Gloucestershire Outward Bound Association bursary funded course

With the support of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Gloucestershire, the next Outward Bound (bursary funded) course will run from the 9th of February to the 13th of February 2015, at The Outward Bound Centre, Aberdovey, Wales.  The aim of the Outward Bound Bursary is to provide an opportunity for young people to develop their potential and to recognise the positive contribution many of them make to their communities.

The Association and the Constabulary are committed to promoting equality and diversity, though nominations should include young people;

  • Who are aged between 13 and 18 years old, reasonably fit and of at least average health.
  • Who have shown great commitment or courage by setting up or running local youth/community activities or dealing with a serious or long-term situation.
  • Who have shown leadership potential in peer or community groups and provide positive behaviours acting as role models.
  • Who are at risk of being socially excluded or may lack appropriate adult support, have low self-esteem, or little confidence. 
  • Who will participate in the selection process.         

This year 20 places are available and you are invited to submit nominations, using the attached forms, to be returned by Friday 24th October 2014.  You may nominate more than one young person, though if you submit multiple nominations please place them in order of preference.    

Obviously not all young people will be selected for participation.  Last year over 50 nominations were received, and the young person will need to be prepared to take part in adventurous and sometimes strenuous activities and make new friends, as they may be the only one selected to take part from a particular setting.           

It is very important that the attached forms, entitled Nomination and Evaluation, are completed and returned to PC Nicki Dannatt by Friday 24th October 2014.

Further information about the courses or the centre please use the below links:

Nominees should also be made aware of the structure, nature of activities as well as The Outward Bound Trust policy on Fitness, smoking/mobile phones (pg 4 - pdf)


Scheme Co-ordinator and contact:

Tel:     01242 276318

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