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Cheltenham Town Centre Safer Community Team

Andrew Miller

PS Andrew Miller

Cheltenham Town Centre station photo


Our Local Policing Pledge to you:

Our local pledge to you is to supply you with your local community policing team contacts, dates of your next neighbourhood policing meetings, details of your local priorities and the work being carried out towards those priorities. Our commitment for SCT staff is to spend 80% of their time visibly working in your neighbourhood, tackling your priorities. If you want to know how you can contribute to the priority settings and other work within your neighbourhood use the contact form at the bottom of your SCT homepage. To access crime statistics for your SCT view our crimemapper website.

Click here to access Gloucestershire Constabulary's Policing Pledge.


Town Centre priorities

Theft of Pedal Cycles - focussing on :-

  • Crime prevention advice
  • Cycle coding
  • Recovery of Stolen Pedal Cycles
  • Cycling regulations

Fairview Priorities

Non-dwelling burglary ( sheds and garages) in the Fairview area - focussing on: -

  • Reducing instances of non-dwelling burglary
  • Crime prevention activities

Anti Social Behaviour in the ABC Park Fairview - focussing on

  • Reducing anti social behavior and vandalism 
  • Reducing litter
  • Eliminating under aged drinking

Lansdown Priorities

There are currently no SARA PLAS for the LANSDOWN area.

If you have questions about these issues, or have information regarding a possible solution to these problems, please use the contact form at the botton of this page to tell us how you can help, how we can contact you, or what we should prioritise and why.

Meet the team

Jon Roberts

Inspector 50658
Jon Roberts

Andrew Miller

PS 50836
Andrew Miller

Mark Love Council Funded Officer

PC 251705
Mark Love Council Funded Officer

Suzy Griffin Council Funded Officer

PC 251755
Suzy Griffin Council Funded Officer

Julia Martin-Jones

PC 51644
Julia Martin-Jones

Lynda Price

PCSO 249092
Lynda Price

Steven Benbow

PCSO 249127
Steven Benbow

Kim Graham

PCSO 249091
Kim Graham

Trevor May

PCSO 249071
Trevor May

Saeed Motala

PCSO 249197
Saeed Motala

Sue Greenwood

PCSO 249229
Sue Greenwood

James Holyoake

PCSO 249226
James Holyoake

Rachel Hopton

PCSO 249145
Rachel Hopton

Lorraine Tatnell

PCSO 249237
Lorraine Tatnell


Team Members

Inspector 658 Roberts

PS 836 Miller 

PC 1705 Love - Council Funded Officer

PC 1755 Griffin - Council Funded Officer

PC 1888 Gibbs - Council Funded Officer

PC 1644 Martin-Jones - Council Funded Officer

Ruth Leven (INA support Officer)


PCSO 49197 Motala

PCSO 49226 Holyoake

PCSO 49229 Greenwood

PCSO 49237 Tatnell


PCSO 49145 Hopton


PCSO 49127 Benbow

SANDFORD AREA - PCSO 49229 Greenwood

Inspector Jon Roberts

Jon joined Gloucestershire Constabulary in 1995 and has worked in Cheltenham Division for the past 11 years. Since arriving in Cheltenham he has performed a number of roles including spells on Operation Gemini, the Racist Incident Team and latterly as a Detective Sergeant on CID, the Divisional Drugs Unit and Operation Lantern. His appointment as the Cheltenham Town Centre Inspector in January 2009 is somewhat of a 'homecoming' having worked in the INA as a PC for three years on arriving in the Division.

PS Andrew Miller

I’ve been a police officer in Gloucestershire for over 8 years, initially based in Churchdown before moving to Cheltenham Town Centre INA in 2002. I was promoted to Sergeant in May 2007 and remained on the INA as the Divisional Response Sergeant until August 2009. At the beginning of August I became responsible for the Safer Community Team at the Town Centre INA and now work alongside 4 Police Constables and 9 Police Community Support Officers. The PC’s are funded directly by Gloucestershire County Council and this means they are additional to the budgeted staffing levels for Gloucestershire Police. Therefore their duty time can be spent dedicated to the INA.

As part of my role I will be tasking these officers with proactively engaging with the residents of their respective communities, so if you see any of us please come and say hello and discuss what you would like us to be doing in your area or, if its more convenient, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you as soon as possible.
We work very closely with other agencies to deliver services to our communities and we endeavour to ensure that we are as accessible as possible to these residents. I can be contacted on Tel No. 0845 090 1234 or by e-mail at

PC Mark Love

I have been a Police Officer for 6 years and have spent my entire career at Cheltenham Town Centre. I became a Town Centre Beat Officer 4 years ago and in January 2006 the Town Centre Safer Community Team was formed to which I became apart of, working alongside 9 PCSO’s. My role consists of briefing the PCSO’s on a daily basis and allocating them work that benefits the Officers and the community of Cheltenham Town Centre.

Being a Council Funded Officer allows me to dedicate the majority of my time to serving the community and dealing with problems and issues that affect the community. 

Most of my day is spent doing foot patrol enabling me to build good relationships with the local community, including the retail and licensed premises. I also work closely with other partnership agencies in order to resolve any issues.

For the second year running I have been involved with the PCSO’s in teaching tag rugby to years 5 & 6 at St Gregory’s School. This enables us to build good and valuable relationships with young children, whereby through sport we can also deliver the message of personal safety.

PC Suzy Griffin

I have been a Police Officer for 6 years and have been part of the Safer Community Team since May 2008. I am enjoying my role and doing what I can to improve the quality of life for the people within the Town Centre community. I am involved in Daysafe which is a Town Centre group for local retailers to get together to help tackle shoplifting.

I have also carried out visits to our local Primary Schools with PCSO Benbow, we do a mixture of talks and activities with the children, to build up a trust with the Police and to make us more approachable when they see is in public. I hope to do even more school visits & projects in the future, due to their popularity with the children.

Overall I feel lucky to be working in such a lively and vibrant area and I hope those who see me when I’m out on patrol will come up and speak to me.

PC Amy Gibbs

Amy has been based in Cheltenham Town Centre for nearly five years, during this time she has built up a vast knowledge of the town.  Her experience will be a great benefit to the team, sharing her thoughts and bringing new ideas with her. Amy will work alongside the three other council funded officers and the nine PCSO’s at the Town.  Amy will also take a lead role within Operation Zero.  Operation Zero is mainly a plain clothes operation, dealing with anti-social behaviour and drug crimes around the town. 

PC Julia Martin-Jones

Julia is an asset to the SCT, she works part of the Crime Team, which focussed on dealing with todays crime today and adhering to the People first policy.
The Crime Team will work closely with Officers on shift and Officers on Op Zero to target criminal activity within the Town.

Monthly news and events

Inspectors Monthly Report

Ins Jon Roberts

                                        INA Inspectors Report 18/11/2009

A recent newspaper story suggested that the perception of crime in Cheltenham Town Centre is one of fear, violence and intimidation, particularly around our vibrant night-time economy. This report was particularly disappointing especially as I had spent some time speaking to the writer explaining that crime itself was at its lowest recorded levels for some years and that some positive coverage of this fact might help address this erroneous belief. However, I am a realist and accept that as well as the police generally not selling ourselves particularly well, these types of 'good news' stories don't sell papers.

In terms of performance generally the INA performed comparatively well as far as customer satisfaction and public confidence levels are concerned, although the latest statistics show that the Constabulary as a whole has a long way to go to deliver these positive experiences under the mantles of the Policing Pledge and People First.

In terms of crime in October, I am pleased to report a continued reduction in crime in line with previous months, and once again for the fourth month in a row, recorded crime on the INA was below 300 crimes at 293, compared with 358 in October 2008 ( - 22.2%). The significant feature of this reduction is around those crimes which are of real concern to the majority of people and impact on their fear of crime, to include robbery, assaults and damage which have all seen notable reductions.

This trend appears to be continuing in November as the INA looks at new ways to drive down crime whilst improving the processes we use to bring people to justice and to keep our victims fully informed about the progress of their investigations.

Some of this effort has already been advertised in our campaign to tackle the theft of handbags, purses and phones under the banner of Operation Kelly and initiatives like this will be supported by a number of covert operations to tackle alcohol related violence, anti-social behaviour and theft in the run up to Christmas. These plain clothes Operations have played an increasingly important role in tackling our crime and whilst I accept that high visibility patrols have their place and provide a form of deterrent and public reassurance, everyone can see us including the criminals who will change their tactics accordingly.

Finally, as a reflection on the breadth of our work on the INA I would like to pass on my thanks to all the staff, volunteers and participants who were involved in the organisation of, or took part in the football tournament at St Gregory's School on Friday 6th November. This is a shining example of community engagement at its best and was clearly enjoyed by all those who attended, including my two year old son who had a great time kicking a ball, collecting stickers and eating too many lollipops!

Inspector 658 Jon Roberts

Cheltenham Town Players Support Police At Kick Racism Out Of Football Event

Community cup me

The first Gloucestershire Constabulary Community Cup Competition was a huge success last week with over 80 children taking part.

The event was part of the Kick Racism Out of Football Campaign, which supports  “One Game, One Community”.

12 Cheltenham Town players turned up for the final matches and presentations and the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire Anne Chambers was there to make the final presentations.

The event, on Friday 6 November, organised by Gloucestershire Constabulary, was a six-a-side junior football competition with 10 primary schools from the Hester’s Way and Cheltenham Town Centre areas.

St Gregory the Great Primary School in Knapp Road in Cheltenham hosted the event which was part of the Kick It Out campaign, this aims to challenge racism and work for positive change throughout the football, educational and community sectors.

The Gloucestershire Constabulary Community Cup Competition was also one of several activities police officers throughout Gloucestershire took part in to mark Not in My Neighbourhood Week, which ran between Monday November 2 and Friday November 6.

Community Cup Finalists

Police Community Support Officer Steve Benbow from Cheltenham Town Centre Safer Community Team (SCT) is thrilled with how things went, he said;  “It was a brilliant afternoon.  Everyone who took part seemed to enjoy themselves and there was a fantastic sense of sportsmanship.

“There was such a positive attitude from everyone involved which is a great start in improving respect, tolerance and understanding of different cultures.”

All participants received a ticket to a Cheltenham Town game as well as a t-shirt, a medal, certificate and goody bag.

The final was between Swindon Village Primary School and hosts St Gregory the Great Primary School.

St Gregory’s went on to win and received the Community Cup and Hester’s Way Primary School received the fair play trophy for showing the best commitment and attitude to the tournament.

Community cup signing

PCSO Benbow added; “We are eager to educate children from a young age that all cultures can live, work and play together in a safe and secure environment.

“We will keep working with these schools and hope to hold this tournament annually and that the winners will come back to defend their trophy.”

The competition was being funded by Gloucestershire Crimebeat and supported by the Football Association.

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cheltenham Town Football Club for their support as well as Crimebeat for providing funding to make this day possible.

“We would also like to thank St Gregory The Great Primary School for hosting the event, Squat Orange in the Regents Arcade for their work on the team’s T-Shirts, Waitrose for providing parking and Don Browning for supplying the trophies,” concluded PCSO Benbow.

Listen Out For Jingle Bells In Cheltenham Town Centre

Police in Cheltenham Town Centre are telling people to listen out for the sound of jingle bells…not the festive sort but bells that tell you someone is touching your bag.

A crime reduction scheme, which offers small jingle bells to attach to the inside of your bag, is being introduced in the town.

Operation Kelly is starting on Thursday 5 November and Police Community Support Officers will be at the Post Office in Cheltenham from 8am offering crime reduction advice and handing out the bells.

PC Suzy Griffin is planning the operation, she said; “This time of year the streets become more crowded with festive shoppers and unfortunately this attracts thieves.

“People are often carrying lots of shopping bags and forget to make sure their handbag is closed.

”This type of thief works extremely quickly and often the victim does not realise their purse or phone is missing until they try and use it next. 

“These bells can be attached to the inside of the bag so that if anyone manages to reach in then the bell will jingle and alert the owner.”

Officers from Cheltenham Town Centre Safer Community Team are running the operation in support of Not in My Neighbourhood Week, which runs between Monday November 2 and Friday November 6.

The week aims to promote what is being done locally to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and encourages police, partners and communities to work together to keep our streets safe.

Introducing Your Local Policing Team PCSO Rachel Hopton

Police officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from across the Cheltenham area are keen to encourage the public to get to know who their local policing team are.

Based at your local Police station, and staffed by Police Officers and PCSOs, Safer Community Teams (SCTs) are dedicated to working with the community and local agencies to introduce new ways of tackling crime and anti-social behaviour. They also provide high-visibility policing in local areas as well as being a first point of contact for local residents with non emergency issues.

To encourage residents to familiarise themselves with their local policing team officers from  the Cheltenham Town Centre SCT would like to introduce themselves to you over the next few weeks, as well as letting you know how you can contact them.

Rachel Hopton joined Gloucestershire Constabulary as a PCSO in November 2006.

During her time working for the Cheltenham Town Centre SCT Rachel has been responsible for the community of Fairview and has been involved in many initiatives. In June this year she took responsibility for the Lansdown area, working along side PCSO Trevor May.

Rachel said, “A great part of my job is the fact I get to interact with a diverse range of the community. I particularly enjoy listening to peoples needs and responding to them in order to improve their quality of life.

“I have become actively involved in visiting elderly care homes within the Lansdown ward, as this is a section of the community that could otherwise be over looked. I give presentations to residents about personal safety and home security, as well as popping in for a chat whenever I am passing. I think that being a part of the community in this way has had a very positive effect on my work and my role in the Constabulary.

“In order to interact even more with the community I have recently organised a Mobile Police Station visit to Lansdown Green. This gave local residents the opportunity to speak to their local officers away from the usual environment of the Police Station. This is much more informal and we were able to offer crime reduction advice as well as give out personal attack alarms, shed alarms and other useful literature. The younger visitors were given balloons, pens, pencils and key rings with the Police logo on.

“Across the whole of the Cheltenham Town Centre Inspector Neighbourhood Area we have organised going in to all the primary schools during their lunch breaks to take part in playground activities. This is a great way of getting to know our local children and instilling in them the difference between right and wrong from an early age. This activity is affectionately known as ‘ Playground Pals’.

“Although I am responsible for the Lansdown area I also spend a lot of time on foot patrol within other town centre areas. This would include interacting with all shop security and shop staff and gathering community intelligence.

I regularly patrol the parks and gardens identifying any potential for anti social behaviour and take measures to prevent this from happening.

“My job has many rewards, no two days are the same and it gives me great satisfaction to know that I am making a difference and improving people’s quality of life.”

Cheltenham Town Centre Community Newsletter

Thumbnail of the SCT Newsletters

Our brand new Community Policing newsletter is launched today. It is designed to provide you with details about your Safer Community Team and keep you updated about what we are doing to reduce crime and disorder and promote safety in Gloucestershire.

This edition reinforces the Constabulary’s commitment to the Policing Pledge – our contract with the public that outlines the standard of service you can expect from us.

These newsletters will be available at key locations within your community. If you require a copy please speak to your Safer Community Team who will ensure you receive one or where you can collect one. To view your Communities newsletter online please click here.To view your Communities newsletter online please click here.

Police And The Brewery Work Together

Officers from the Cheltenham Town Centre Police Safer Community Team (SCT) and staff at the Brewery are working together to ensure the popular retail and leisure centre remains a safe environment for the whole family.

Local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and security staff at The Brewery regularly talk to those visiting the area in order to monitor potential concerns and a plan has also been created to address any issues that arise.

The plan was created by the local policing team in collaboration with staff at The Brewery and will further strengthen the partnership between the two whilst offering reassurance to those enjoying the many activities The Brewery has to offer.

PCSO Saeed Motala said, “We are working closely with security staff at the Brewery and as a result of this plan we will provide additional patrols in the area at key times.

“We believe that it is a result of this preventative strategy that we do not receive many reports of incidents of anti social behaviour at The Brewery. These additional patrols will offer reassurance to those using the area and will help to prevent any anti-social behaviour from happening.

“We certainly don’t want to discourage anyone from using the facilities and meeting friends there, but we do expect everyone to behave in an appropriate manner and not to disrupt other people enjoying themselves. Any such behaviour would be dealt with immediately.”

Owen Acland, Operations Manager at the Brewery said, “We have a close working relationship with the local policing team and we hope that providing these additional patrols, by both the police and our security staff, will help reassure the public that we are keen to keep the Brewery a nice, safe place for the whole family to shop, eat and be entertained.

“If anyone should experience any form of anti-social behaviour in the area, please report it either to Brewery staff or to the Police so that it can be dealt with appropriately.”

Cheltenham Town Centre Police Urge Drivers To Help Them Prevent Sat Nav Thefts

sat nav 1

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are urging drivers to help them prevent the theft of Sat Navs.

Since the beginning of the year 46 satellite navigation systems have been reported as stolen from vehicles in Cheltenham, the majority of which had been left on display.

PCSO James Holyoake from the Cheltenham Town Centre Safer Community Team (SCT) said, “a Sat nav is an expensive piece of kit and easily stolen if left on display in a vehicle. It takes a couple of seconds to detach it and take it with you, which may save you a great deal of time and money.”

PCSOs from the SCT will be displaying posters and handing out leaflets around the town encouraging drivers to ensure that valuable items, such as sat navs, aren’t left in their car or van, where they can be a temptation to potential thieves.

"Whilst the SCT are carrying our enquiries into these thefts, drivers can help us avoid them happening by looking after their property a bit more carefully. You wouldn't leave your wallet or handbag on full display so why leave a £200 Sat nav attached to your windscreen?

“We suggest you take the cradle out too as this suggests that there might be a sat nav hidden away inside the vehicle, and rub off any telltale marks it has left," PCSO Holyoak continued.

Anyone with information about these thefts is asked to contact Gloucestershire Police on 0845 090 1234 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Cheltenham Town Centre Dispersal Order

dispersal order poster

Friday 22nd May saw the Cheltenham Town Centre Dispersal Order come into effect.

Due to an increase in severe anti social behaviour by a selected group of young people over the past 6 months across the Town Centre the SCT proposed to the local council cabinet members that a Dispersal Order would help assist local PCSO’s in dealing with this particular group and any other person who continually acts in an anti social manner in the Town Centre.

The Town Centre Police and Safer Community have devised a 3 point strategy which involves educating people about their anti social behaviour.

Firstly anyone found to be acting in an anti social manner will have their details taken by officers and advised of the behaviour and likely consequences.

If that individual continues their behaviour then the officers will notify their parents / guardians either by phone or by letter.

On the third occasion the Town Centre Officers will be able to disperse the individuals / group out of the area covered by the order. The persons dispersed are not allowed to return to the area for a 24 hour period, and they will be arrested if they breach this order.

The order is a last resort measure for the Police and PCSO’s to use and we hope that we are able to intervene poor behaviour and educate people of the implications and effects their behvaiour has / can have on other members of the local community.

If at any point a young person is found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs then their parents are informed at the time and asked to collect their child and return them to their residence. We feel this is more appropriate as it gets the parents invovled in their child’s behaviour and will prevent the police from being used as a ‘taxi service’.

The dispersal order has been welcomed by local retailers, restaurants and residents who have recently been subject to anti social behaviour and criminal damage. Its shows a sense of unity that the local community, police and lcoal authority have all come to together and stand against crime and show that anti social behaviour in their area will not be tolerated. 

Cheltenham SCT - Police Tackle Burglaries

burg pic

Officers from the Cheltenham Town Centre  Safer Community Team (SCT), which covers the Town Centre, Lansdown and Fairview communities, are cracking down on burglaries in the area following a number of reports from residents in the neighbourhood.

Police have arrested a number of people in connection with these offences, and investigations are continuing, but they are eager to encourage residents to follow crime prevention advice to minimise the risk of becoming a victim.

PC Mark LOVE from the SCT said, “By remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious activityin your local area to the police and through the use of Neighbourhood Watch schemes we can help combat crime together and make Cheltenham a safe place to live. If you’re not currently a member of your Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, then please consider joining it.”

Details of your local neighbourhood Watch Scheme can be obtained from the Cheltenham co-ordinator, Jean White, on 01242 276256.

neighbour watch


We advise all residents across Cheltenham to regularly check that their home security is adequate. Some of the advice might seem obvious, but what may seem like simple tips can really make a big difference.

  • Check to ensure your doors are locked and your windows secured when you go out or retire to bed at the end of the day.
  • Do not leave your car or house keys on display. At night lock your car and put your keys in a drawer.
  • Genuine tradesmen or sales personnel will carry identification and will not mind if you authenticate who they are. If you are suspicious of cold callers do not let them in and call the police. Note registration numbers and makes of vehicles cold callers are using.
  • Do not agree to any work being carried out to your property without checking all details and agreeing a price. If possible, do not pay them in cash.
home safe


Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers have increased their visible presence within the community and in addition covert police operations are on going within the Cheltenham and Tewkesbury areas to target such offences.

 To have a Crime Reduction Survey done on your home e-mail -

Meet Your Local Policing Teams

Pip point poster 1

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) from the Cheltenham Town Centre Safer Community Team (SCT) will be at the Police Information Points (PIP) across Cheltenham at various times and dates throughout this month.  This enables members of the community the chance to ask any questions and discuss any local policing issues.  

PIPs are a two-way communication point between the Police and the public, which enable residents to keep themselves up to date with local Police initiatives and appeals by displaying posters, leaflets and information.

For more information on Police information Points in your area please click on your relevant community ward page below - 

Fairview - Click here

Town Centre - Click here

Lansdown - Click here

Parking Enforcement

Please be aware that Cheltenham Borough Council are now responsible for enforcing most parking offences.

In order to report a vehicle parked illegally please use the contact methods below: -

Tel - 01242 264114

E-mail -


Cheltenham Town Centre SCT: contact us

If you would like to find out when your named community officer(s) is/are next on duty, you can contact us on: 0845 090 1234

or use the form below and we will advise you. We would also like to hear your views.

  • What you would like to see from your local police?
  • Do you have any suggestions for methods that police could adopt?

Only give as much information as you'd like to, you do not have to include your name or any other personal details. If you do, your details will not be kept in a database or shared with any other organisation.

The form will be sent directly to the SCT >>>

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