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Your nearest police station is Stroud Station

Your nearest police station is Stroud Station

Stroud Police Station, The Cross, Parliament Street, Stroud GL5 1QQ

Our Local Policing Pledge to you:

Our local pledge to you is to supply you with your local community policing team contacts, dates of your next neighbourhood policing meetings, details of your local priorities and the work being carried out towards those priorities. Our commitment for Local Policing Team's (LPT) is to spend 80% of their time visibly working in your neighbourhood, tackling your priorities. If you want to know how you can contribute to the priority settings and other work within your neighbourhood use the contact form on the "Contact Us" tab.

To access the latest street level crime statistics for your LPT view the website.


  • Area:Nailsworth
  • Priority:Crime Prevention is the main priority set by the Neighbourhood Co-ordination group for the Nailsworth area.
  • Action:
    • To give advice and support to all matters of Crime prevention to the local community.
  • Area:Nailsworth
  • Priority:From 25/9/2013 we have been prioritising speeding along the A46 and Springhill in Nailsworth.
  • Action:

    The speed board has been deployed in both locations. The Roads Policing Unit has assisted us with gathering data from the A46 which has been passed on to the A46 action group along with a similar set of data provided by county Highways.

If you have questions about these issues, or have information regarding a possible solution to these problems, please use the contact form which can be accessed via the Contact us tab at the top of this page, to tell us how you can help, how we can contact you, or what we should prioritise and why.

Meet the team

Liz Lovell

Liz Lovell

Paul Matthews

PC 744
Paul Matthews

Steven Phillipson

PCSO 9190
Steven Phillipson

Steve Wadley

PCSO 9178
Steve Wadley


Local Officers targetting motorists not observing one way restrictions

Nailsworth officers have been actively targetting motorists not observing one way restrictions put in place by Highways due to road closure on the B4058 due to landslip. Motorists that were not stopped and spoken to will be receiving advice in the post warning them of the offence that has been committed.  

Thank you For Keeping Me Safe


Police Officers and PCSO's from the Stroud Neighbourhood Policing Team attended Nailsworth Primary School on Friday 17th January, bringing the 'Thank you For Keeping Me Safe' campaign to the children, parents and teachers.  The campaign has attracted considerable local media coverage over recent months following it's initial rollout in Stonehouse at Park Infants/Juniors School.

The campaign addresses the all too common issue of parking outside schools in our county.  In a bid to alleviate congestion outside local schools officers from the team will be working with the school, the parents, children and local authority.  The campaign sees the introduction of 'Colin the crocodile copper', a lifesize crocodile dressed as a Police Officer, who delivered school road safety talks to the children.  The aim being that the children will then pass on the message to their parents to encourage safe and considerate parking, as well as bringing a road safety element of eduction to schools by local officers.

The campaign aims to educate, rather than enforce.  We have been very successful in other schools and hope that the event in Nailsworth brings the same success.

To listen to Friday's BBC Radio Gloucestershire live interview discussing the matter, click and scroll to approximately 02:35:00 timeframe.

To view recent media coverage click

You can also follow the campaign on our twitter feed - @StroudPolice

Speeding along the A46 and Springhill

The speed board has been deployed in both locations. The Roads Policing Unit has assisted us with gathering data from the A46 which has been passed on to the A46 action group along with a similar set of data provided by county Highways.

Dwelling burglaries advice

We know that dwelling burglaries are of concern to our local community at the moment due a clustering effect leading a certain area to feel targeted. The number of dwelling burglaries are the same in the last three months of 2013 versus 2012, a period of the year when we traditionally have a spike in offences.  Non dwelling burglaries are significantly down. 

Targeted crime prevention work in conjunction with the Mobile Police Station has taken place along with extensive enquiries into the offences which are being treated as  priority across the Local Policing Area as a whole.

Please remain vigilant for your neighbours properties and take reasonable precautions to protect your own. Using timer switches to control lights and radios in the house is a good starting point.

Speed checks on the A46

PC Matthews and some of his colleagues have recently been conducting some speed check on the A46. From the checks the numbers of road users that were correctly observing the speed limits were brilliant and as a result we would like to thank the local community for observing the correct speed limits. Please see below for a break down of the checks:

  • 12/9/13 – PC Matthews, Coles, Thomas 12.30-1pm A46 – Inchbrook Trading Estate – No speeding vehicles, no tickets issued, no drivers spoken to.
  • 13/9/13 – Pc Matthews, PS Wood – 10am- 11.15am A46 – Inchbrook Trading estate – 1 speeding vehicle, transit van, 1 ticket issued to driver.
  • 14/9/13 – OPERATION WHEELED RESPECT – A46 Rodborough – Targeting Speeding vehicles, no seat belts, mobile phones.
  • 17/9/13 – Pc Matthews, PCSO Wadley
    11.45-12.15 A46 Rodborough
    12.15-13.00 A46 Holland Trading Estate
    In total 1,055 vehicles passed, none of which were speeding over 48 vehicles were in wet conditions.
  • 18/9/13 – Pc Matthews, PCSO Wadley –13.15 –13.55 A46 Dunkirk Mills, 268 vehicles, no speeding vehicles.
  • 19/9/13 – Pc Matthews, PCSO Wadley – 17.15-18.45 A46 Dunkirk Mills, 384 vehicles, no speeding vehicles
  • 24/9/13 – Pc Matthews, PCSO Wadley – 07.15-08.50 A46 Dunkirk Mills, 709 vehicles, no speeding vehicles

Update from your local Neighbourhood Policing Team

Over the last few months your local Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) has been busy, focussing on the Crime Prevention Priority.

Below are examples of some of the work that the NPT has been doing:

  • Crime Prevention advice at Offices of Neil Carmichael Office during the month of August
  • Crime Prevention advice at Craddock Court during the month of August
  • Speed Checks A46 Nailsworth carried out during the months of July and August
  • Plain Clothes Operation targeting ASB Vehicles during the month of August
  • Speed Watch Meetings
  • Mobile Patrol within Specific Anti Social Behaviour areas
  • Attended PIYN event within Forest Green, Nailsworth

We are currently arranging the next Panel Meeting to decide local Priorities. We will of course inform you of the dates and times once this has been confirmed.

Nailsworth Community Update

Following the most recent Neighborhood Co-ordination Group Meetings representatives from the Nailsworth Community have not wished to raise any specific matters of concern that they feel need addressing.

If there are any problems in your Neighborhood that you feel have been over looked or perhaps you’d like to have a stronger voice then please get in touch and be a part of the Co-ordination groups.

For further information on this or any other matters relating to the work of the local police in Nailsworth please call the designated non emergency number 101 or e-mail

Monthly Events

Joint surgery at the Arkell Centre

Date: 2:30PM Thursday 30 January 2014

Address: Arkell Centre in Forest Green


On the last Thursday of every month we hold a joint surgery at the Arkell Centre in Forest Green with the District Councils Neighbourhood warden and Dog Warden subject to availability. 

Please call in and speak to any or all of us from 2:30pm till 3:30pm.

Dates for this year are: 

  • January 30th
  • February 27th
  • March 27th 
  • April 24th
  • May 29th
  • June 26th.

Your nearest police station is Stroud Station

Your nearest police station is Stroud Station

Stroud Police Station, The Cross, Parliament Street, Stroud

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