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Your nearest police station is Hucclecote Station

Your nearest police station is Hucclecote Station

Hucclecote Police Station, 58 Hucclecote Road, Hucclecote, Gloucester GL3 3RT

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Karen Horsley

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Matson and Robinswood Junior Wardens tackle road safety


3 December 2013

Matson and Robinswood Junior Wardens have helped tackle road safety in the area by taking part in a supervised community speed watch session.

The youngsters, also known as the Cool Kidz Crew, used speed recording devices to monitor traffic on Matson Avenue and Painswick Road, two roads that have been identified as a community concern.

After the session the wardens were visited by a traffic officer who discussed his role and what equipment his team has available to combat criminals on our roads.

Police Community Support Officer Chris Jenkinson said: “Most of the vehicles were travelling below the limits on the road, which was pleasing.

“Unfortunately there were a few that were recorded as being higher and they will now be sent letters from the junior wardens reminding them of speed limits and safety concerns over speeding.

“The highest recorded speed was 49mph in a 40mph zone.

“It is great that children can get involved in dealing with the concerns of the community in a positive and enjoyable way and also learn about road safety and awareness through activities like this.”

Mandi Holt, Community Involvement Officer for Gloucester City Homes, said: “It’s good to see the Junior Wardens learning hands on about this important issue and taking an active role in improving road safety in the area for the benefit of other residents.”

The Junior Wardens scheme was set up by Gloucester City Homes, Robinswood School and Matson and Robinswood police. Mandi

Matson Youngsters urged to register their bikes

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Chris Jenkinson urged youngsters from Moat Primary School to register and security mark their bikes and scooters at a recent safety event at the school.


The Matson officer was in class last week to offer crime prevention and security advice around bikes and scooters.


Pupils were given the opportunity to bring their bicycles and push scooters into school to be security marked and registered in case they are lost or stolen. Security marking aids in the return of items to the correct owners and also deters people taking items in the first place.


PCSO Jenkinson said: “We organised this event following a recent theft at the school and because we have seen an increase in pupils riding bikes and the new style push scooters, which can cost anything up to £100 and more.


“The bikes and scooters were security marked to help identify the owners if found elsewhere. We also discussed crime prevention advice about leaving pushbikes and scooters unattended outside shops and schools.


“The local policing team work very closely with the school to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the community and this was another great example of that.”


Kirsti Ashman, from Moat Primary School, said: "We would like to say a big thank you to Chris Jenkinson for his rapid response to organising the postcoding of children's bikes and scooters at Moat Primary. The children were so disappointed when one of their peers had a bike stolen last week. Despite this they have learnt how to look after their property and how to use preventative measures to tackle crime."


Similar sessions will be run throughout the Spring and Summer terms.


More information on bike security can be found in the crime reduction section of

Sports AM update

 All the children and people at Sports AM Sports Am continues to develop in Matson in partnership with Together In Matson and Gloucestershire Constabulary. The scheme is a free sports club run from the Redwell Centre in Redwell Road, Matson. The scheme is to encourage youngsters aged between 6-15 yrs from the area to get involved in playing sports and give them a place to go to socialise and have fun.  Sports AM runs from 10 am til 12.30 pm and is a drop in for youngsters to attend. Continental breakfast will be provided by the new local Tesco store for those that attend, all free of charge. While attending the children can also speak to their local PCSOs about any concerns they have and get any advice from workers from Together In Matson. The sessions are run by local PCSOs and members of Together In Matson. The children that attend choose which games they would like to play.

PCSO Jenkinson who has helped to set up the project stated “ It is great to be able to offer the children of Matson & Robinswood activities like this. It gives the youngsters a chance to play a number of sports in safe environment and offer them activities which prevent them getting involved in anti social behaviour through out the community. Schemes such as this one have proved to be successful in reducing anti social behaviour throughout Matson by over 24% over the past few years, which with this scheme we hope to keep improving on. The scheme has been backed by Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership at the council who have funded the purchasing of sports equipment to use. This shows great partnership working involving Together In Matson working with their local police team to help reduce ASB making improvements for the whole community. Matson is very lucky to have such a great facility as the Redwell Centre to be able to be used for such events.”

For anyone who would like to attend Sports AM please contact Luke Stokes at Together In Matson or PCSO Chris Jenkinson or PCSO Charlotte Simmons on 101 for a parental consent form.

Matson and Linden Monthly Advice

  • Home Security Advice - 

We would like to remind you about your home security. The amount of burglaries committed often increases during these difficult times, and we want to ensure that you are aware of what you can do to decrease the likelihood of you being affected by this crime. 

  •                  Set light timers if you are going to return home after dark
  •                  Always lock doors and windows
  •                  Use deadlocks/bolts/door chains, where fitted
  •                  Never leave door/window keys in or around the door/window

These are simple examples, but may be the difference between being burgled, or not. Your local Police Community Support Officers are available to provide a free Crime Prevention Survey on you property, which will provide you with more useful information in relation to home security. You may also find some on useful advice from the following link.

Garages and sheds also need to be double checked to ensure that they are locked with good quality padlocks, and consider metal grates over the windows.  It may be an idea to secure expensive items using security cable, or chains and padlocks.

Monthly Events

Police Information Point

Date: 2:00PM Wednesday 30 October 2013

Address: The Gateway, Matson Avenue


To be held at the The Gateway, Matson Avenue on the last Wednesday of the month between 2 pm and 3pm.

Sports AM

Date: 10:00AM Saturday 04 January 2014 - 12:00AM Saturday 20 December 2014

Address: Redwell Centre, Matson Lane, Redwell Road

Postcode: GL4 6JG


Each Saturday from 10am through to 1pm children aged between 7 and 15 are invited to come along to Redwell Centre for games.

Street Games run with Together in Matson

Date: 6:30PM Tuesday 07 January 2014 - 12:00AM Monday 23 December 2013

Address: Redwell Centre, Matson, Gloucester

Postcode: GL4 6JG


Every Tuesday from 4pm through to 6.30pm come along to the Redwell Centre for street games.

Your nearest police station is Hucclecote Station

Your nearest police station is Hucclecote Station

Hucclecote Police Station, 58 Hucclecote Road, Hucclecote, Gloucester

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Opening Hours:

This police station does not advertise regular opening times, your nearest police station reception is located at Gloucester.

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