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Your nearest police station is Cheltenham Town Centre Station

Your nearest police station is Cheltenham Town Centre Station

Talbot House, Lansdown Road, Cheltenham GL51 6QT

Our Local Policing Pledge to you:

Our local pledge to you is to supply you with your local community policing team contacts, dates of your next neighbourhood policing meetings, details of your local priorities and the work being carried out towards those priorities. Our commitment for Local Policing Team's (LPT) is to spend 80% of their time visibly working in your neighbourhood, tackling your priorities. If you want to know how you can contribute to the priority settings and other work within your neighbourhood use the contact form on the "Contact Us" tab.

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  • Area:Prestbury
  • Priority:Dangerous & Incosiderate Parking in Prestbury Road
  • Action:
    • Enforcement of parking restrictions and prosecution of offences of obstruction.
    • Liaison with partner agencies to identify a long term solution.
    • Liaison with residents/businesses in the area.
    • Increased police and C.E.O presence in the area.
    • Monitoring of traffic.
  • You Said We Did:
    Letter dropped every household in Prestbury Road and requested their co-operation in parking responsibly and observing the laws relating to parking.Personally visited every business in Prestbury Road and gave advice about responsible parking in the area.Conducted over 50 hours of dedicated patrol in the area to address this priority.Worked with Cheltenham Borough Council enforcement officers to secure additional patrol time.Issued penalty notices to offending drivers or given cautionary advice.
If you have questions about these issues, or have information regarding a possible solution to these problems, please use the contact form which can be accessed via the Contact us tab at the top of this page, to tell us how you can help, how we can contact you, or what we should prioritise and why.

Meet the team

Julia Martin-Jones

PS 1644
Julia Martin-Jones

Zena Howse

PC 1559
Zena Howse

Hayden Selwyn

PCSO 9220
Hayden Selwyn

Liz Baldwin

PCSO 9235
Liz Baldwin

James King

PCSO 9146
James King


In Touch April 2013 Prestbury

To read the March 2013 police report for Prestbury, please click here .

Police Information Point

Cheltenham North Local Policing Team have recently installed some new Police Information Points (PIP’s).

PIP’s were originally introduced to Gloucestershire in 1997 to encourage greater communication between the public and the police.

They are situated at selected locations throughout the area and provide contact points. PIP’s are multi-functional providing the public with a range of advice on crime reduction and community safety as well as other police and community related information. PIP’s also provide an opportunity for interaction between the police and the community as well as providing opportunities to exchange community-based information

The new PIP is situated in the following location:

Prestbury Library, The Burgage, Prestbury.

Opening times are as follows:

Monday             2:00pm             to             7:00pm

Tuesday            10:00am          to             1:00pm

                           2:00pm             to             5:00pm

Wednesday                           CLOSED

Thursday          10:00am           to             1:00pm

                           2:00pm              to            5:00pm

Friday                10:00am           to             1:00pm

                           2:00pm              to            7:00pm

Saturday           9:30am              to            4:00pm


Prestbury Library email address is:

If anyone is unable to find anything that they need or the PIP needs restocking, or there is a time that you would like to see the PCSO's at the PIP, please contact PCSO Louise Riley at the linked e-mail address here.

Monthly Events

Your nearest police station is Cheltenham Town Centre Station

Your nearest police station is Cheltenham Town Centre Station

Talbot House, Lansdown Road, Cheltenham
GL51 6QT

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Opening Hours:

Monday: 8am - 10pm
Tuesday: 8am - 10pm
Wednesday: 8am - 10pm
Thursday: 8am - 10pm
Friday: 8am - midnight
Saturday: 8am - midnight
Sundays: 8am - 8pm

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