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Simon Ellson

PS Simon Ellson

Your nearest police station is Cheltenham Town Centre Station

Your nearest police station is Cheltenham Town Centre Station

Talbot House, Lansdown Road, Cheltenham GL51 6QT

Our Local Policing Pledge to you:

Our local pledge to you is to supply you with your local community policing team contacts, dates of your next neighbourhood policing meetings, details of your local priorities and the work being carried out towards those priorities. Our commitment for Local Policing Team's (LPT) is to spend 80% of their time visibly working in your neighbourhood, tackling your priorities. If you want to know how you can contribute to the priority settings and other work within your neighbourhood use the contact form on the "Contact Us" tab.

To access the latest street level crime statistics for your LPT view the website.


  • Area:Cheltenham Town Centre
  • Priority:Reduce anti-social behaviour in the town centre parks and gardens, including Montpellier Garden, Imperial Garden, Sandford Park, Jenner Garden, Winston Churchill Garden and Jenner Garden.
  • Action:
    Increased patrols by Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers and Community Protection Officers from Cheltenham Borough Council.
If you have questions about these issues, or have information regarding a possible solution to these problems, please use the contact form which can be accessed via the Contact us tab at the top of this page, to tell us how you can help, how we can contact you, or what we should prioritise and why.

Meet the team

Simon Ellson

PS 0085
Simon Ellson

Mark Love

PC 1705
Mark Love

Suzy Armstrong

PC 1755
Suzy Armstrong

Ken Bennett

PCSO 9044
Ken Bennett

Lorraine Tatnell

PCSO 9237
Lorraine Tatnell

James Holyoake

PCSO 9226
James Holyoake

Emily Roberts

PCSO 9259
Emily Roberts

Hamid Charifi

PCSO 9067
Hamid Charifi

Cheltenham Town Centre Team

PS 0085 Simon Ellson

I joined the Constabulary in 2000. My first station was Stroud. I have worked in uniform policing all of my service and have worked in Cheltenham since 2003. I joined the SCT in May 2013. I, along with PS Julia Martin-Jones, supervise the SCT for the borough of Cheltenham. If you have a question, or would like advice, please contact your local officer, or myself. Thank you.

PC 1705 Mark Love

I joined the Constabulary in 2003 and initially worked as a PC in Cheltenham. I joined the Community Team in 2006 with responsibility for the area of Cheltenham Town Centre. If you would like to ask a question please feel free to do so via email by clicking here:

PC 1755 Suzy Armstrong

I joined the Constabulary in 2003, working initially as a PC in Cheltenham. I joined the Community Team in 2008 with responsibility for the area of Cheltenham Town Centre. If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so via email at

PCSO 9044 Ken Bennett

I joined the Constabulary in 2004 and initially worked as a PCSO in Leckhampton and looked after Charlton Kings and Battledown.. I joined the Community Team in 2011 with responsibility for the area of Tivoli and the Park. I am now also responsible for the Suffolks too. If you would like to ask a question please feel free to do so via email by clicking here

PCSO 9237 Lorraine Tatnell

I joined the Constabulary in 2006 and I have worked as a PCSO in Cheltenham Town Centre since 2008. I am responsible for the Strand and Montpellier areas of town which consists of retail and residential properties.
If you would like to discuss community issues please send me an email via the following address:

PCSO 9226 James Holyoake

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is PCSO James Holyoake and I have been working for Gloucestershire Police for 11 years.  I started working for the Constabulary in 2003, for the Call Management department in Quedgeley answering calls from the public. Whilst doing this, I also became a Special Constable serving  the communities of Leckhampton and Churchdown. In 2008, I became a Police Community Support Officer. My current role is the retail liaison for Cheltenham Town Centre and Charlton Kings Six Ways stores. My role is to engage with the stores and offer advice and assistance with any retail issues that that you may have. I also work closely with the Colin Pilsworth from Cheltenham Safe and together we try to combat retail-related crime. This involves me having regular contact with town centre Loss Prevention security officers and all the members of the Retail Shop Watch Scheme.

PCSO 9259 Emily Roberts

Hello, my name is Emily Roberts. I am a new PCSO having started in June 2014. I came to the Constabulary from being a health care assistant at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. My area will be Cheltenham Lower High Street and I am really excited about meeting the local community and looking forward to serving the public in this new role. If you would like to get in touch, my email is, or if you see me out and about come and have a chat.

PCSO 9067 Hamid Charifi

I joined the Constabulary in 2005. Initially, I worked at Barton Street Police Station in the Neighbourhood Policing Team as part of the Safer Community Team. I covered Linden and Moreland, Matson and Robinswood and then Barton, Tredworth and White City.
I am now the Ethnic Minority Groups Liaison Officer and also cover the Lower High Street area of Cheltenham Town Centre.  If you would like to ask a question please feel free to do so via email by clicking here


Crime prevention items for purchase

Officers from your local policing team are selling crime prevention items to the public from Lansdown Road police station.

Please see the attached poster for full details of what items are available to purchase. Should you wish to buy an item, all you need do is attend Cheltenham Police Station on Lansdown Road and ask to see a PCSO from the Local Policing Team. We require these items to be paid for in cash.

These items will also be available to buy at local events in the community - details will be published when confirmed.

The more secure your home is, the safer you will feel. And you will be less likely to become a victim of crime.

PCSO James Holyoake - Retail Community Officer for Cheltenham

My name is PCSO James Holyoake and I have recently been made the named officer for the retail community in the Cheltenham South area. As you will be aware retail is at the heart of Cheltenham, being very popular with visitors who come to Cheltenham for the day. Having a vibrant retail community also attracts people who will be shoplifting and committing other retail related offences. It will be my responsibility, along with the named PCSO for the respective area, to work very closely with retailers in the Town Centre, Bath Road, Tivoli, Six Ways in Charlton Kings and many other retail stores.

I will also be working with PC Besford (who is also responsible for Retail), Colin Pilsworth (Daysafe Co-ordinator). We will work together in making Cheltenham an even safer and pleasant place to shop.

Daysafe is part of the Cheltenham Safe scheme, it allows members to work with each other and the police to combat retail related crime.

If you are a retailer and interested in becoming a member please contact Colin Pilsworth on 01242 252323 or visit

Or alternatively contact myself on the details below.

If you are a store experiencing theft then please contact me and I will be happy to offer crime prevention advice.

Tel No 101 Extn 6138


Cheltenham Safe Partnership

Cheltenham Safe logo

Cheltenham Safe is a retail crime reduction scheme, working in partnership with the Police, Cheltenham Borough Council, the Chamber of Commerce and others to ensure that Cheltenham remains a safe place in which to live, visit and work and play!

Daysafe – shops and retailers

Over 70 town centre retailers work together as members of Daysafe, sharing and exchanging information on active shoplifters and fraudsters. Members are able to communicate with each other and also directly with the CCTV control room and Police by radio. Prolific or violent offenders are excluded from all members’ premises.

Nightsafe – for the night-time economy

Over 40 bars, clubs and restaurants are working together to raise standards and maintain customer safety. Operating a zero tolerance policy in respect of acts of violence or illegal drugs, offenders are banned from visiting all members’ venues – get banned from one venue, get banned from all!

For more information visit:

Or contact:   Tel. 01242 252323

Town Centre Neighbourhood Coordination Group (NCG)

The Town Centre NCG meets every three months to discuss issues affecting Cheltenham Town Centre. The group then decide which issues should be prioritised for the next three months, outlining actions to be undertaken to try and resolve the issue.

The panel consists of various different organisations, community groups and residents from the Town Centre. This includes:

  • Police
  • Cheltenham Borough Council
  • Gloucestershire County Council
  • West End Partnership
  • Retail
  • Residents groups.

The NCG is coordinated and chaired by Bernice Thomson who works for the West End Partnership based at the Community Resource Centre, Grove St, Cheltenham.

If you would like to get more involved with the NCG, or would like some more information, please contact Bernice Thomson on 01242 692112 or email

Monthly Events

Your nearest police station is Cheltenham Town Centre Station

Your nearest police station is Cheltenham Town Centre Station

Talbot House, Lansdown Road, Cheltenham
GL51 6QT

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Cheltenham Town Centre Community: contact us

If you would like to find out when your named community officer(s) is/are next on duty, you can contact us on: 101

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