Customers Told to Beware Bank Letter Scam

December 12 2011

Santander customers in Gloucester have been warned a letter some of them have received is a scam.

The scaremongering letter which begins “Urgent Action Required” states that the bank chain's details have changed and that a new account number and sort code must be used to make payments.

The fraudsters go on to warn that failure to comply could lead to fees and charges being incurred.

Around 30 people have already been into Santander’s branches in Gloucester to report the letter and now police and the bank are urging people not to be fooled by the communication.

Force Crime Reduction Officer Paul Francis said: “Banks never issue this type of letter so please don’t be fooled.

“If you have been a victim of this kind of scam you should report it to your bank or building society immediately.

“The bank then has responsibility for reporting the matter to the police.”

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