Firearms Licensing

National campaign to raise the awareness of security in firearms licensing

On Monday 13th October 2014, a national campaign was launched to promote licensed firearms security as part of continuing efforts to reduce incidents of lost or theft of guns. The campaign will include unannounced home visits. For more information on the aims behind the campaign and general firearms security, please click on the following links:

Letter to certificate holders

Firearms security - brief guide

Administrative Department for Firearms & Explosive Licensing

Current legislation for the administration of firearms licensing responsibilities, places the responsibility with Chief Officers of Police.  Within Gloucestershire Constabulary this responsibility is delegated to the Superintendent of The Criminal Justice Department.  The staff of the licensing department consists of a manager, and 6 members of the support staff who are not police officers.  Additional support, for conducting enquiries within the community, is conducted by Firearm Enquiry Officers.  

Application forms, supporting documents and full explanatory Notes, including fees, are provided below for consideration.  

  • Firearm Grant payment is £50
  • Shotgun Grant payment is £50
  • Firearm & Shotgun co terminous grant payment is £60

Application forms, supporting non-statutory documents and full explanatory Notes, including fees, are provided below for consideration.   Current holder’s renewal costs are as follows:

  • Shotgun renewals payment is £40
  • Firearm renewals payment is £40
  • Firearm certificate variation (where there is an increase in number of arms) payment is £26
  • Co-terminous certificates payment is £50

Cheques to be made payable to the PCC for Gloucestershire, Police and Crime Commissioner.

Contact with the department may be via e-mail, letter or telephone as follows:

Gloucestershire Constabulary

No 1 Waterwells, 
Waterwells Drive, 

The department is open for members of the public from 09:00 to 17:00 Mondays to Thursdays and 09:00 to 16:00 Fridays.

  • Mrs Linda Eckford - 01452 752927 (Unit Manager of Firearm Licensing)
  • Mr L. Spice - 01452 752928
  • Mr R. Parry - 01452 752929
  • Mrs S. Baldwin - 01452 752930
  • Mrs V. Minty - Maternity Leave 
  • Mrs C. Cerdan - 01452 752932
  • Ms C Wade - 01452 752933
  • Group Phone - 01452 754516

Firearm Enquiry Officers' contact details:

  • PC Mosley - 01242 247195 (w) 07736727163 (m)
  • PC Thomas - 01594 334404 (w) 07736622729 (m)
  • Beverley Short - 01452 752542 (w) 07764635514 (m)
  • Steve Edwards - 01452 752934 (w) 07801900101 (m)
  • Mark Williams - 01242  276137 (w) 07711036581 (m)

Applications dealt with by the department, but not limited to, consist of:

  • Shotgun certificate grants and renewal of such certificates
  • Firearm certificate grants and renewal of such certificates
  • Firearm certificate variations
  • Clay Pigeon site exemptions
  • Home Office Approved target shooting clubs
  • Registered Firearms Dealers Registration
  • Visitors to the United Kingdom
  • Museum Licenses
  • Weapon Transfer Forms

Apply for Firearm and/or Shotgun certificate, including variation of Firearm certificate >>>

Apply for a visitors Firearm/Shotgun permit >>>

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