Traffic Management

The Traffic Management Act of 2004 places the responsibility for traffic management matters for events on or affecting the highway on the local authority for the area in which the event takes place.

Event Organisers should liaise with the relevant highway authorities)to discuss the traffic management implications for any planned event. Temporary road closures, traffic restrictions and alternative routes all require careful consideration. Depending on the scale of the event, this initial consultation may include representatives of the emergency services and take place through a Safety Advisory Group.

The Traffic Management Plan should not include the use of police resources in order to control/direct traffic unless these are to be paid for by the event organiser.

Police resources will only be used to deal with spontaneous/emergency traffic incidents which may occur during the duration of an event. Once the incident has been resolved the officers will resume their normal duties. If police resources are not pre-planned into the event there may be delays in any subsequent response due to other operational incidents.

A temporary road closure application must be made in the following circumstances:

  • If there is any likelihood of crowds spilling onto the Highway.
  • If it is necessary to prevent traffic flow for however short duration to facilitate the event ie a parade.
  • If the volume of persons taking part/attending an event on the highway means that road safety will be compromised.
  • If it is necessary to control traffic flow by managing the routes available for use i.e. carnivals.
  • Exceptions – Remembrance etc..

Event Organisers must also provide:

  • Details of the roads to be closed together with the length and the duration of the closure.
  • A detailed proposed diversion route.
  • A schedule of signing giving details of the location of diversion signs and road closure signing, together with a drawing/map showing these positions. This will take the form of scale drawings showing –
  • The overall location and the environs of the event and specific event location
  • Details of any road junctions identified as critical to the traffic management plan.
  • The proposed number of stewards for the event and their positions.
  • Details of the methods to be used to close roads ie barrier type, signing etc. All signs that are placed on the highway must comply with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 or be specially authorised.

‘Felt tip on a piece of plywood’ is not acceptable.

  • Management of pedestrian activity, in the case of events such as carnivals, marathons etc.

All the above measures must be provided in order that consideration of any proposed road closure can take place. Organisers are advised to contact the relevant Highway Authority who will issue an application pack for a temporary road closure.

Event Organisers should consider:

  • The implications for other road users such as the emergency services, bus companies, taxis, tourist coaches etc and the suitability of any proposed diversion route for use by such vehicles.
  • Provision for vehicle removal from any road which is subject to a closure and which could cause obstruction for the event.
  • Liaison with premises such as churches mosques, register offices etc to ensure that access requirements are discussed and any issues resolved.
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