The Safety Advisory Group (S.A.G.)

The purpose of the Safety Advisory Group is to offer guidance in order to help organisers discharge their responsibilities.

The Group will consider plans presented by the organisers on the content and structure of the safety elements of the event.

It is not the role of the Group to assist in the planning of the event or the writing of the plan.

The members of the Group will not accept or adopt any of the responsibilities of the organiser.

A working or completed copy of your Event Plan should be sent, preferably electronically, to the Chair of the relevant S.A.G for the area in which the event is to be held, who will distribute it to the Safety Advisory Group for their considerations.

These should be sent at least twelve weeks prior to the event.

You may be invited to attend the Safety Advisory Group meeting to present your plan and to hear the joint views of the various interested statutory agencies.

Although all comments and observations made by the Safety Advisory Group are always advisory, they are made by professionals in the interest of public safety and should not be dismissed lightly. If you do not understand the reasons for the advice or do not agree with it, you should always discuss this with the Group at the meeting.

Failure to follow advice from the Safety Advisory Group may affect your Public Liability Insurance, licence permissions and leave you exposed to possible litigation.

Each Local Authority has a Safety Advisory Group that includes representatives from the following organisations:-

  • Local Authority
  • Police Service
  • Ambulance Service
  • Fire Service

In addition the group may include representatives from:-

  • The organisers
  • Venue owners
  • Transport operators
  • British Transport Police (if appropriate)
  • Security and stewards representatives (if appropriate)
  • Voluntary groups, the military and other service providers

The Safety Advisory Group can assist in providing a ‘one stop’ approach to communication with the all the agencies that are likely to be involved in the planning, management or response to an emergency.

As part of the S.A.G. process, the organiser will also nominate an Event Safety Officer. 

The Event Safety Officer (or his/her nominated Deputy ) should be contactable throughout the event and be available to liaise with the police when necessary.

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