Language Line



Language Line works with organisations to provide a 24hr telephone interpreting service which connects you to a qualified interpreter in under a minute. To access the service you must request an interpreter from the person you are seeking help from.
The service can be used any time of day from any location using any type of telephone. No special equipment is needed so wherever you are at the time you can make yourself understood.

If you are with a police officer/member of police staff at a police station/police building:

  • Hand over your language card or inform the person helping you of your language.
  • The person helping you will call Language Line to request an Interpreter who will ensure you are understood.
  • The interpreter will introduce the person helping you. You are now able to talk directly to the person helping you.
  • Please remember the interpreter is completely impartial will not offer advice or guidance and will interpret exactly what is said by both parties.

If you are calling our control room/contact centre on the telephone:

  • Inform the person helping you that you need an interpreter and tell them the language you speak. The word 'interpreter' is universal and will be understood by the person helping you.
  • Follow the process as above

    It's important to note that Constabulary employees can ring language line in order to establish the language that needs interpreting. It is not necessary to know that level of information before contacting language line.
    This enables people who do not use English as their first language to communicate with us in person or on the phone.

facts >>>

  • There are just over 6,700 languages spoken in the world today
  • The average length of call in the Police across the UK is approximately 12.6 minutes
  • Polish is the most requested language for telephone interpreting across all industries in the UK
  • Gloucestershire Constabulary assisted Limited English Speakers in 42 languages over that period


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