Case Studies from Pilot

Here are a number of case studies taken from the pilot schemes

Case study 1

A parent made an application regarding concerns for a neighbour who they felt was trying to befriend the applicant and their children by offering sweets.  Checks showed the subject was a child sex offender. The sex offender was subject to a court order prohibiting them from being in contact with anyone aged under 18.  The subject was subsequently arrested and remanded into custody.

Case study 2

An offender was subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) assessed as medium risk to children and adult females. An application was made by carers who were involved in the delivery of social care to the offender. Carers observed the subject contacting children in the street, and the visit of a child to the subject’s flat. A disclosure was made to the carers and to children’s social care to enable better protection and risk management for them.  An application was also made by a neighbour under the pilot scheme.  A minimal disclosure was made to the neighbour to enable them to protect their child.  Due to this disclosure and proactive response by police and social workers, the offender remains in their home, continues to receive social care, and the neighbour has been reassured.

Case study 3

A grandparent had concerns about their daughter’s new partner who they believed to be acting strangely around their grandchild.  Checks showed the subject was not a child sex offender but they did have an extensive history of violence and use of weapons. This information was shared with the children’s social care department who addressed the protection of the child. Although there was no information to disclose regarding child sex offences, the danger the subject posed was highlighted to the applicant, therefore safeguarding their grandchild. This example highlights how the pilot can identify and address other potential child care concerns.

Case study 4

A male was concerned about rumours that an extended family member was a child sex offender. Checks showed that the subject was a sex offender who had failed to register in accordance with the Sexual Offences Act 2003. This was referred to the children’s social care department where the protection of the children in the application was addressed. Disclosure was given to the family by social workers. Without the pilot, police and the social services department would never have known this individual was in the area.

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