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If you need Crime Prevention Advice about your home please contact your local policing team:

Cheltenham - Tewkesbury - Gloucester - Forest - Cotswolds - Stroud

If you need Crime Prevention Advice about your business please contact:

PC Mark Godsland Mark.Godsland@Gloucestershire.pnn.police.uk

Crime Prevention Advice in this section

You will find useful information aimed at helping you to protect yourself, your home, car and personal safety, along with a range of other services we provide to make the county a safer place to live.

Should you be thinking of fitting a burglar alarm, setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or designing out crime for a new development.

immobilise your bike flyerRegister your gadgets

Immobilise is a website that is endorsed by the Constabulary that enables members of the public to create a free private and secure portfolio of personal property.

Don’t Hedge Your Bets When it comes To Safety In The Run Up To Cheltenham Races

Racegoers to this year’s Cheltenham Festival are being urged by police not to hedge their bets when it comes to safety.

Gloucestershire Police and Cheltenham Racecourse are working together to ensure that visitors to this week’s event have both an enjoyable and safe time.

The town will attract tens of thousands of visitors during race week and it is hoped that they will heed the advice offered by Gloucestershire Police to keep themselves and their property safe.

Halloween PosterHalloween Poster

Download the "No Trick or Treat" poster here.

Oil and Fuel Theft

Theft of heating and diesel oil has been a problem for many years and the police have always noticed an increase in this type of crime whenever the price of crude oil rises.  Don't become a victim - some simple precautions can help




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Shed Security

How vulnerable is your shed to thieves?  Alarms are available for purchase along with Crime Prevention advice on how to secure your valuables >





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Sexual Offences

'Stay Safe' Message Reflected In Vanity Mirrors As Police Warn Women Of Danger Of Sexual Assault >





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Crime Reduction Initiative Posters

Criminal Damage/car scratch                Criminal Damage/graffiti             Criminal Damage/smashed windscreen

Victims of identity theft

If you are a victim of identity theft please use the web sites below, they contain valuable information if you have had personal documentation stolen.
There is more information available regarding Protective Registration Schemes, whereby victims can flag their credit reference files to reflect the fact that their identity may be subject to impersonation by offenders seeking to obtain credit and other financial services.
There may be a small administration cost, but it acts as a significant deterrent in terms of the ability to prevent further financial crime and providing reassurance to the victims of such crime.


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