Keyholder Registration

Management and maintenance of property keyholder records is the responsibility of Gloucestershire Constabulary. The purpose of providing keyholder information to the police is to enable the correct person to be contacted to secure property in the event of anything happening such as a break in, water leak or alarm activation. (Authorised police employees can only access the records containing these details.)
This will only affect those who register keyholders for 'AUDIBLE ONLY' alarmed commercial or domestic premises, and NON-ALARMED commercial or domestic premises.
Gloucestershire Constabulary will hold a county-wide list of keyholders who can be called out if there is an emergency at the premises. A keyholder should be within easy proximity of the premises or have their own transport to be able to attend those premises within a short time of the call requesting their attendance.
Should this occur, then Gloucestershire Constabulary would not be responsible for any bill accrued relative to the house owner's property and it is their sole responsibility to settle these accounts.

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