How to protect your home

We all want to feel safe and secure in our own homes and want to avoid an unwelcome visit from a burglar at all costs. 
Home security covers a number of different areas but this guide outlines a few simple steps that might help to protect your home and deter would be thieves.


 Good home images     Bad home images    
 good_window Shut and lock
windows and doors
when you are out
 bad_bag Leave valuables
on display
 good_lighting Make your house
look occupied using
lights and radios
on a timer and
outside lighting
 bad_keys Leave your car
keys so that they
are visible or reachable
from the door
or window
 good_shutgate Shut and lock
your side gate
 bad_doormat Hide keys under
your doormat or
in plant pots
 good_pricklyplants Plant prickly
plants in your
 bad_garage Forget to lock away
and secure valuable
items or tools that
can be used to break
in with
 good_garagedoor Secure sheds
and garages
 bad_bin Park your
wheelie bin by your
side gate as it provides
a handy step!
 good_burglaralarm Install a good
burglar alarm
 bad_boxes Put empty boxes for
expensive items by
your bin as these
advertise what’s inside
your house


Visit a new Crime Prevention site which contains free, comprehensive and up-to-date crime prevention advice to help you improve your home and personal security and over time will expand to provide security guidance for all types of buildings and situations.

Outside the house

  • Consider installing a good quality burglar alarm to your property.
  • Use low level dusk to dawn lighting around the outside of your home.
  • Consider using prickly plants as boundaries; criminals do not like climbing through prickly plants and hedges.
  • Crunchy gravel driveways are a good deterrent as thieves do not like to be heard.
  • Don’t forget to protect your shed - install metal grills over windows, reinforce hinges and invest in a good lock.
  • Consider securing valuable items inside your shed or garage using security cables or chains with robust padlocks.
  • At the front of your property keep boundary fences and hedges low to allow as much natural surveillance as possible from neighbours, passing pedestrians and traffic.
  • The rear garden should have a secure boundary.
  • Secure garden furniture and ornaments with bolts or to a concrete base using metal pins and make sure they are security marked.
  • Expensive plants can be secured in the ground using wire and pegs around the root ball.

Inside the house

  • Most burglars enter property through insecure doors and windows so fit good bolts and locks to all doors and windows and ALWAYS USE THEM.
  • Use a timer device to make your house look like there is someone home.
  • Don’t leave valuables on display where they can easily be seen through a window, especially car keys.
  • Photograph items of jewellery, antiques and other items that may be difficult to describe.
  • Always back up home computer records on disc and store them safely in case the computer is stolen.
  • Mark valuable items with your postcode using an ultra violet marker or use a forensic marking kit. Property marked will be less attractive to the thief and easier to identify if stolen.
  • Consider purchasing a safe for storing valuables.
  • Don’t keep large amounts of cash at home.
  • Shred all receipts and utility bills to avoid criminals using your identity.

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