Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Gloucestershire Constabulary has a major investment in taking forward strategies that will impact in a positive way upon the safety of the community it serves.

Reducing crime, the fear of crime and contributing towards improving the quality of life of the community are fundamental aims shared by individuals, groups and agencies throughout the county and are the basis of a Community Safety Strategy.

Every planned development has the potential to positively or adversely affect the aims of community safety-and it is with the intent of seeking a positive outcome that community safety issues should be considered within the planning stages of any development. The Constabulary is able to support the process at the local level through the services of divisional Crime Reduction Officers (CROs) with the support of the Architectural Liaison Officer (ALO) based at Headquarters, Community Partnership Department, who also operates at a more strategic planning level.

Developments will include new and refurbishment projects in all categories such as,

  • Housing Developments
  • Sports Centres
  • Shopping Precincts
  • Industrial Estates
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Footpaths

  • Roads & Car parks
  • Cycle ways
  • Commercial Parks

The Police Architectural Liaison Officer (ALO) together with Crime Reduction Officers (CROs) who have extensive knowledge of criminal behaviour, review proposals at the conceptual and design stage, providing proactive professional crime prevention advice. Their recommendations aim to reduce the opportunity for crime and alleviate the fear of crime. A systematic approach is adopted to each project and detailed advice can be given as required at each stage of the design process and development.

House builders can gain commercial advantage and credibility by obtaining approval under the national 'Secured by Design' scheme administered by the Architectural Liaison Officer (ALO). Similarly car park operators can obtain 'Park Mark' sign of approval under the Safer Parking Scheme, administered by the British Parking Association on behalf of the police.

More information about Secured by Design and Safer Parking is available by contacting the Crime Reduction Officers or by visiting the website.

External Environment
Natural surveillance, Boundaries, Landscaping, Lighting, Access, Parking Arrangements.

Building Lines, Recesses, Doors and Windows, Walls and Roofs, Public Utilities, Outbuildings.

Internal Area
Target Areas, Access Control, Cash handling, Staff Rooms, Intruder Alarms.

In making recommendations, reference is made to the relevant British Standards and Security Guide Lines and recognising that statutory requirements such as Fire Regulations may take precedence.

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