Car Safety Advice

The information below is designed to help prevent you becoming a victim of car crime.

Vehicle crime is reducing but still accounts for 20% of all reported crime.

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We are increasing awareness of simple crime reduction techniques, please read the advice given on this page, relating to securing your property in your car, and view the poster in pdf format:

Just a few retrievable bonuses from stolen laptops:

  • Spreadsheets & Financial History
  • Credit Card Details
  • Sensitive Telephone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Diary (listing when you will not be at home)
  • Secret Security Codes
  • Confidential Business Information

Thieves' favourites: cameras, CDs, portable hi-fi, telephones, jackets, wallets, handbags, shopping bags

Download a Vehicle Security Factsheet here. Vehicle Security Fact Sheet thumbnail

Theft from vehicles

This is the most common offence and is generally committed by opportunists who target vehicles that have valuables in them.

Your car is more likely to be broken into at home than when parked in a public car park.

If you own a scooter/bike then click here to view more information regarding safety and crime prevention

Risks can be dramatically reduced by taking these simple precautions when leaving it unattended.

  • Always fully secure your vehicle.
  • Remove detachable stereo equipment.
  • Remove all items of property from view - even an old coat with nothing in the pockets will tempt some criminals.
  • If removal is not an option, secure valuables out of site and do this away from final destination as criminals often observe car parks to look for people transferring valuables into the boot or hatch.
  • Be selective about where you park your vehicle - is it busy and well used, will it still be busy at the time of return, is it well lit, is it covered by CCTV.

The vast majority of stolen vehicles are over 10 years old and stolen by opportunists.
The proportionately low number of newer cars stolen are generally stolen by criminals who have possession of the vehicle keys having either found them in the ignition or first stolen them from a separate location.
Professional car thieves generally target high value or high performance vehicles.
Very few cars are stolen from garages - consider parking your vehicle in a garage when not in use.

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